Thursday, October 29, 2015

~Bible Day...instead of Halloween!~

But first...I'm a TRASH COLLECTOR! :-) 
I have to show you my ladder I got out of someone's trash. :-) 
Well, it was just leaning against a tree with some other scrap wood, waiting for the trash truck to take it,
But, My Phillip pointed it out to me, and I Fell in Love with it.
~Here's the side of my ladder.~
The only problem was that the LADY of the house that it came from WAS WATERING HER PLANTS in front of her house! :-(
We had some business to take of, so we walked on, LEAVING MY LADDER, took care of our business, and as we walked back TO GET MY LADDER...we were hoping that the lady would be inside by then.  
NOT! :-(  
There she was leisurely watering her lawn. :-( 
So, Phillip got up the nerve to ask if I could have that ladder...mumbling something that I had a use for it. :-)   
I know she was SHOCKED that the Americans wanted her TRASH!  :-)
(Sarah was a tad embarrassed about us getting the ladder in front of people. :-)  I understand!  I well remember LYING down on the seat in our car TO HIDE...on vacation back in 1987 or 1988 when my parents and Andrew and Vonnie found some treasures beside the road! :-)
~I'm pretty happy with my "trashy" ladder. :-)~
 ~I found these 2 fun towels to hang on my ladder.~

Our family doesn't celebrate Halloween.  
I think we Americans have come to think of Halloween as "Candy day," but Living outside the U.S.A. for 10 years now, has shown me what the rest of the world thinks of Halloween.  
At least the Christians think of it as "Devil celebration day!"  :-(  
One of my children read a quote the other day that said, 
"A Christian celebrating halloween is like a Witch putting a manger scene in front of his house at Christmas, and singing, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" 
In Colombia we learned that a lot Christians there celebrate "BIBLE DAY" in October instead of Halloween.  That sounded like a great idea, and We did that some years while we lived in Colombia.
So, Last night with our English class we celebrated BIBLE DAY!! :-)
Here's some pics of the preparation before and Bible day! big helper... carrying Abigail around.~
 ~Little Miss Mary knocked on my door in the morning, and told me that she was wearing her new apron, and asked me IF WE COULD BAKE!  :-)
I told her, "YES!  Today, We are going to make some Fall leaf and acorn cookies together!!"~
 ~Little Mary did an excellent job!!  She and Elijah helped Mommy mix up the cookie dough.  Then, Mary and I made a couple trays of cookies together, then I told her that I had to stop and make lunch.  She asked if she could continue to make them by herself!
I was HAPPY to see how well she floured her board, rolled out the sugar cookie dough, cut out the leaf and acorn cookies, and placed them on the pans.
She did several pans BY HERSELF!  :-)
She said, "When I get back to the U.S.A. and BAKE, Darla (her cousin) will be so Surprised!" :-) ~
 ~We made and baked the cookies, then had to leave the house for several hours.  When I got ready to icing them that night, I realized that I HAD NO RED food coloring!  :-(  
The grocery stores don't sell food coloring here, only party stores...and they were all closed! :-(  
So, K and P helped me "invent" a maroon-ish color for my "red leaves!" (Using pink, black, and yellow.) :-) ~
 ~And since I didn't have any red, and didn't have time to mess with trying to make brown, I just put chocolate on the tops of our acorns.
My hole on the bag of chocolate got cut a little to big, so they are a more "modern looking acorn." ~

 ~Our Fall leaf cookies.  (Thanks, Moma, for the fun fall cookie cutters with 3 different sizes!! :-) ~

 ~And we left some cookies without icing, in case someone didn't want icing.~

 ~Our family made 7 bags of candy for our 5 children and for Jonathan and Valen.~

 ~More little acorns cookies.~
 ~For English class / Bible Day...Phillip gave them a little talk about the Bible being our Map to Heaven, helps us resist temptation, and is God's love letter to us as believers.
Then he played several Bible games with the kids.
Here he had divided the kids into teams and was asking them Bible Trivia questions.~
 ~They played another Bible game, but I was busy in the kitchen making PIZZA for supper, so didn't get pics of that Bible game.   Aunt Caro brought the drinks. (U. Leo was out of town. :-( ~
 ~Aunt Caro brought some yummy candy, so we made up MORE bags of candy for the kids.
So, each child was BLESSED to receive 2 bags of candy! :-) ~

~Then after our supper, the kids acted out a Bible Charade for us!   
They acted out the ninety and nine sheep, and Abigail was "THE LITTLE LOST LAMB," that Jonathan found and brought back to the fold!  :-) ~
~I asked the children to write what they were Thankful for on my chalkboard, and here's what they wrote:
 ~In case you can't read it, it says:
~Baby Abigail
~Dickinson Family (Jonathan wrote that! This made me want to cry!) :-)
~the Hsu family (Sarah wrote that about U. Leo, A. Caro, Jonathan and Valen!)
~For having nice friends (Dickinsons) (Valen wrote this :-)
~That God made everything
~Daddy (Kimberly added that) and
~You, Yes, YOU! (Written by Phillip for each of his family. :-)
~Thankful for everything! (From Caro. :-)

So, after Bible night...we hope that the kids have a deeper appreciation for God's Word...and they got 2 bags of candy as well!  :-)  
It was a special night together!  We love our dear friends!!


Anonymous said...

you got a laugh right out loud from me when you wrote about Sarah being embarrassed. And then your added comment about your hiding when you would have been about Sarah's age... So funny! FYI, Sarah, my kids would have been embarrassed too!!! lol! Nice post and Great Job Mary on your cookies. I need to get your mommy's glaze frosting recipe for mine just had orange frosting on all of them. But our kids loved them. (Thanks for letting me use your idea!) I sent a good many of the fall cookies I baked to U. Daryl's international students at school today. We'll have to see if they liked them or not. =)
Love you all,
A. Laura

Moma said...

I loved reading all about your Bible Day! That was so nice you could have though games and the candy for the kids. Mary did a nice job on her cookies and I am glad for her. She will have a nice time helping you while the big girls work on their school work. I love you all, Moma

Moma said...

Well, I guess it didn't post! I can't remember for sure what I wrote about it but I will try again. Your ladder takes a lot to love. When I saw your first picture I couldn't believe my eyes. :) I think that lady did fine to throw is away, but then when I saw your pretty towels on it I decided that you did good! I had to smile and smile at your pictures and decided that you had talent that I didn't have. This is near what I wrote before when I realized that I had not commented on you "nice" ladder. :) I do love you and can't wait until you get home so I can get a nice long hug from you. I do love you, Moma

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