Saturday, November 21, 2015

~Day 19 & 20 & We're having a good time with the Flings.~

~Day 19 30 days of Thanks!~
I'm thankful for hot drinks like coffee and tea!  They make me smile and happy!  :-)

~Day 20 30 days of Thanks!~
I'm grateful for the little fun things that Jesus helps us to find!  :-)
The other day Phillip took me on a quick little date and on the sidewalk was a stack of these pieces of styrofoam.  They were out in front of a tire shop.
I told Phillip that that would make a nice wreathe.~
 So, I wrapped the styrofoam with pieces of burlap and used it to make this fun little wreathe.  :-)~
 ~Here it is...Hanging on the wall in the back room above my tulle and Chinese lights.~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our dear friends the Flings got here safely. :-) 
I haven't had time to post for these days have been busy, but wonderful! :-) 
Today, Michele cooked some yummy Peruvian food (with the help of Sara) and we had a good day of ministry and being together. 
 More pics to come, but it's late here and we have 3 services on the Lord's day. 
Please pray for us as we minister tomorrow. Thank you! 
~Sara, Michele, Me (Heather), Sarah, and Kimberly cooking in my kitchen.~
 ~All around the table having such a wonderful time being with our dear friends Percy and Sara, and the Flings.~
 ~Bryon, Phillip, and Percy.~

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