Monday, November 16, 2015

~Day 15 & Day 16 of 30 days of Thanks!~

~Day 15 of my...30 days of Thanks!~
I'm very GRATEFUL for the people who married into our family!
When I was around 14 years old my Big brother Andrew met a lovely lady named Vonnie.  They fell in love, got married, and they're living their "Happily Ever After!" :-) 
Vonnie is a dear sweet lady, is a great Wife and Mommy and is a nurse... and I'm so glad to get to have her as my sis-in-love!  She's hilarious and makes us laugh a lot. :-)  She's LOVES Andrew and that makes us so HAPPY!
Then 2 years later or so, my big brother Lincoln introduced us to a lovely lady named Lyn.  They fell in love, and got married and they're living their "Happily Ever After!" :-)
Lyn is hilarious and such a sweetheart, and makes us laugh a lot too.  Lyn is a great Wife, Mommy, and is a teacher.  I'm glad to have her as my sis-in-love!  She LOVES Lincoln and that makes us so HAPPY! :-)
Then just 1 year later, my sister Laura, introduced us to a young man named Daryl...who she had fallen in love with!  They fell in love, got married, and are living their Happily Ever After as well. :-)  Daryl is a Dear man and he LOVES Laura and that makes us so HAPPY! :-)  Daryl is a great Husband and father, and is an English teacher.  Daryl is an organizer and planner, is good with working with his hands!  We love being neighbors with Daryl and his family and have great times together!  I'm very grateful to have Daryl as my brother-in-love!
God has Blessed our family by sending us 4 great in-laws (my Phillip included)!!!  We have such great and wonderful times together and LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!

~Day 16 30 days of Thanks!~
In 1995 I got the privilege of becoming a Dickinson!!  I LOVE my Father-in-love and Mother-in-love to pieces!!  They are very DEAR and we get along just fine!  :-) They have accepted me into their family with open arms.  Since they never had a girl, I got to be their FIRST DAUGHTER!  :-)  
I love My brother-in-love Michael as well!   He and I are a lot alike: fun-loving, out-going, and the life of the party, and we love to tease, and both are the babies of our families (not we are both "good-looking and intelligent" ;-) LOL!!!) Phillip married someone like his little brother. :-)
Then 2 years later Michael married Beth!  He couldn't have made us HAPPIER, and he couldn't have found a better lady!  Beth and I LOVE being Dad and Mom's ONLY DAUGHTERS!!!  
(Shhhh!  Don't tell them, but they spoil us!!! :-)  Beth is a sweetheart, a great wife and Mommy!  She has a servant's heart, is a good cook, and a hard worker.
When we get together, there's always lots of FOOD, and LOUD TALKING, AND LOTS OF LAUGHS!!! 
I'm VERY THANKFUL for my in-laws!!!

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Moma said...

So glad for all your are thankful for! I am to, thankful for all the husbands and wives that God sent into our lives, through you kids. When I look at that picture and see all the family that God has given us it is hard for me to think back when it was just the two of us! And I am glad that God sent you a "Phillip" with such a nice family. We love Dad and Mom Dickison and Michael and Beth lots and lots. I think that Dad and Mom should move in the house next door to us . . . tomorrow! I love you, Moma

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