Saturday, November 28, 2015


Here's LOTS of fun pics of our Wonderful Thanksgiving!!   We invited U. Charlie and A. Yoli, U. Leo and A. Caro, Bubu and Valen, Aunt Elisa, Tommy, and Jenny, and Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah.  (Sadly, Fernando wasn't feeling well enough for them to come!  :-(

~I made homemade 2 apple pies.  This is right before one of them went into the oven.~
 ~Michele (and Bryon) cooked a lot of our Thanksgiving yummies too.~
 ~My pumpkin roll in progress.~
 ~One of my apple pies all baked.~

~We served Choripan to the Flings for brunch on Thanksgiving day.~

~We had 3 tables set for our guests for our Thanksgiving dinner.~

~The adults table.~
~Our centerpiece.  Aunt Caro cut the hole in the green pumpkin for me to put a glass inside for my flowers. :-) ~
~I found these cute little birdies for a little bit of nothing.~

~Kimberly cut paper towel rolls small and then cut burlap small and glued the burlap around the paper towel roll as our "napkin rings!" ~

~Michele brought some cute acorn salt and pepper shakers for our table.~
~Kimberly made our place cards out of maple leaf shaped paper, with crushed egg shells glued to the edges.~

~The kid's table.~

~Sammy and Elijah's table.  (Jeremiah was supposed to sit here too, but he and his family couldn't come. :-(   ) ~

~Phillip and Kimberly preparing our 2 turkeys.~
~All ready to bake.~
~Everyone pitching in and helping get things ready to eat.~

~U. Leo and Mary (with Bubu as a photo bomb.)~
~Our 2 yummy turkeys all ready to enjoy.~
~My sweetheart and I with the turkeys!!!  My Phillip always does a GREAT job on the turkey!!~
~The kids outside with the "selfie stick." ~
~The kids and U. Leo with the selfie stick taking pics.~

~Abigail and her U. Leo "sofa!"   He rocked her right to sleep!  :-)
What a HUGE blessing he was holding Abigail...while I was trying to get the food on the table.  :-) ~
~In the dinning room we had my homemade rolls, Michele's cheese ball, my broccoli salad, and Kimberly's deviled eggs.~
~Michele brought 2 cute fall towels to line my baskets of my homemade rolls.~
~Michele made her yummy cheese ball.~
~I made broccoli / cauliflower salad and Kimberly made deviled eggs.~

~U. Charlie and Sammy~
~Elijah and Sammy at their table.~
~The buffet of hot food!  We had LOTS of yummy food.  Aunt Caro made the mashed potatoes, Michele made corn, sweet potato casserole, and green bean casserole, I made creamed asparagus, and dressing, Phillip made the turkeys and gravy.~

~After we prayed...we sang the Doxology in Spanish, English, and our dear friends sang it in Chinese. :-)
The kids' table.~

~The adult table.  We missed having Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah with us!!!~

~My pumpkin roll~
~Aunt Yoli made a delicious fresh fruit salad!!~

~Michele made a yummy coconut cream pie.~

 ~My Apple pie (Thank you, Aunt Caro for taking some of these pics...They turned out beautiful!!:-)
 ~Aunt Elisa, Tommy, and Jenny arrived a little later in the evening!
We were glad they could join us.~

 ~After we ate we went around the room and each person gave Thanks to God!!!   It was a special time with tears and lots of GRATITUDE to Jesus for EVERYTHING!!!~
 ~An us-ie... before Aunt Elisa, Tommy, and Jenny arrived.~

Thank you, JESUS, for everything!!!!


Anonymous said...

The singing was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. How magnificent Heaven's Choir will be someday as we all gather to sing!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely Thanksgiving blessing.

Emily Grace said...

Thank you so much for sharing the video of you all singing! It was a blessing to watch. Every time I hear the Doxology, I think of your family because on the CD that your family made when Noah was a baby, you sang that song. :)
I hope Sarah has a happy and blessed birthday today!
We are praying for your family during this busy time.
Love, Emily A.

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