Thursday, November 5, 2015

~Day 5 of...30 days of Thanks!~

~DAY 5...of my 30 days of Thanks!!!!
Every since I could remember, I LOVED babies.  First it was the little baby dolls that I would hold so tenderly, change their clothes, and love to "rock to sleep."  But it wasn't very long that I developed a LOVE for REAL BABIES!  RIGHT AFTER the final A-men at church, I was the little girl to run to the closet Mommy to ask if I could PLEASE HOLD HER BABY! :-) When I was younger I WANTED 12 BABIES!  :-)  Now, I'm Thrilled with OUR HALF A DOZEN! :-)  Thank You, Dear Jesus, For giving me the privilege to be the Mommy to:
Kind Kimberly, Sweet Sarah, Noble Noah, Energetic Elijah, Merry Mary, and Adorable Abigail!!!!  I am SOOO BLESSED!!!


Anonymous said...

glad you somehow still find time to blog. I usually think, "wonder if there's anything new up on Heather's blog" and WOW... I had to play catch up today! I loved your thankful spirit and heart! Glad for your sweet family too!
Love ya,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What fitting names you came up with for each of your precious children! Love, Mom D

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