Wednesday, November 11, 2015

~Day 11 of...30 days of Thanks!~

~Day 11 30 days of Thanks!
I am soooo Happy that my Moma taught me to bake and cook.  You see, I LIVE in the kitchen.  As my friend Luann said, "You go to the kitchen to re-charge your battery!" 
It's the truth.  I LOVE surprises! :-)  So, I love to go into my kitchen and make surprises for my family and friends.
Whether I make a pumpkin Latte or a fresh juice to encourage my kids during the long hours of studying, trying my hand at French Macarons, making a fun rainbow cake for Elijah and Mary's graduation, or just make some simple pumpkin cookies, ...making a treat for those I love MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!  FOOD IS MY MINISTRY! :-) 
So, Thank you, Dear Jesus, for a Sweet Moma that taught me to LOVE the kitchen!  :-)

 ~My Pumpkin Latte~
 ~Fresh orange, strawberry and banana juice.~
 ~Pumpkin cookies (Mrs. Jewel Sparks' recipe) that I love to make each Fall.~
 ~My Macarons.~
 ~My Yummy Fruit pizza, that I love to make.  So fresh and light.~
 ~My rainbow cake that I made for Elijah and Mary's K. graduation.~


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Moma said...

Dearest Heather, Daddy and I surely appreciated you "two to three" minute phone call! We enjoyed it immensely. I loved reading your blog and seeing all the nice things you bake, I am so glad that you learned well. I remember when we were in Alaska, our first trip, and that first bread that you made in our camp stove, I believe you were eleven! But Daddy gets all the credit, for it was he that told me you girls need to learn to bake and cook. You and Laura were both good students! I think he was thinking of Phillip and Daryl and just had not told us all that they were going to join out family! :) Really I was depending on Andrew for he was my helper, and Lincoln stood by faithfully tasting everything. Oh how I love those boys. I love you all, Moma

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