Tuesday, November 10, 2015

~Days 8, 9, & 10 of...30 days of Thanks!~

Thank you, Dear Laura, (My new friend :-) for your sweet comment on my last post.  
My Moma had mentioned to me that she had met you at that funeral, and that you might leave a comment.  
How nice of you to do so. :-)  
It brightened my day to hear from you!  
Yes, isn't it funny how we feel like we KNOW someone, just by reading their blog, or FB?  :-)

Again, Thank you for your sweet words.  Blessings on you today!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We had a good day on Sunday!  We went to the Chinese church in the morning.  After lunch at the church, Kimberly practiced with her choir, and I practiced with another choir, then we came home.  Got home around 4:00, and gathered our things and took a bus, and a train to have a Holiness Meeting at Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah's house.  We had a good service with them.
PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR FERNANDO AND HIS FAMILY!  They are really suffering, and Need a touch from Jesus!
We caught the train around 9:45 P.M. to come home, but then our bus waited FOREVER to come, so We got home at 11:20 P.M.  
Here are my last 3 days of my 30 days of Thanks!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Day 8 of... my 30 days of Thanks!
I am thankful to be a part of the family of God.  Isn't it wonderful that wherever you go when you meet other Christians, there is an automatic common bond between believers. I am thankful for all my Christian brothers and sisters. ~Heather~

~Day 9 of...my 30 days of Thanks!
I am very Thankful That God gave me a sister. Laura is a sweet, very giving person, Who has a servants heart. She's a very talented homemaker! When we leave for the mission field, Laura and her family are a tremendous blessing by emptying our trash, washing up the last bit of sheets and towels after we leave, etc. While we are on the mission field, Laura and her family do a lot to help us!!! Those Things involve anything from sorting through our mail, letting us know if a bill is due, keeping our house and lawn looking like someone is living there, etc. And before we come off the mission field, Laura and her family clean the months of dust off our furniture, vacuum, put the sheets on our beds, make yummy welcoming Meals and treats, etc. Laura and I have such a great relationship. Besides my Phillip, Laura and my Moma are my best friends. Laura and I enjoy doing a lot of the same things. We both love to be wives, mommies, homemakers, and we love to bake and cook, and serve our food to our family, friends, and others. Since Laura went to the mission field before I did, when I learned that God was calling us to leave the Good ole USA, I thought, "If Laura can do it, then God can help me to do it." When I was growing up I teasingly said that "Laura was born sanctified and I was born without a conscience. "  Laura has always loved Jesus as long as I can remember. Thank you, dear Jesus, for giving me Laura as a sister!

 ~Day 10 of...my 30 days for Thanks!~
I am very THANKFUL for my dear family into which I was born.  Of course, I didn't have a "choice" as to which family I wanted... 
God gave me a very dear sweet oldest Brother in Andrew!!!  There's 9 years between us.  Next God gave me a fun-loving great brother in Lincoln!!!  There's 6 years between us.   Every Pell City camp they'd give me money for ice cream and snacks at the snack bar.  Every Christmas and birthday they'd get me gifts.  Every I.H.C. they'd give me some spending money as well.  When they started driving and would run to the store for Moma...They'd take me to the store with them and get me candy.  :-)
 So....If I'm spoiled...I'm pretty sure it's mainly my 2 big brothers' "fault."  ;-)  (And now my Phillip does a great job spoiling me as well. :-)
Then comes my sweet sister Laura, and there's 3 years between us.  In case you didn't guess I'm the BABY! :-)
Like when it would snow, Andrew and Lincoln would pull me to church on the wooden sled.
Then when we got home they pull me around the house (on our wooden floors) by my tights!  :-)  Every year, the excitement would build when Daddy and the Boys would go out to the woods to cut our fresh Christmas tree.  Every tree might not have been "Pinterest worthy," some of them might have looked more like Charlie Brown's trees, :-) but they were beautiful in our eyes!  We had such wonderful Christmases together!  Lots of homemade gifts...given with LOVE!  (I remember when I was 3 or so running to my room to FIND SOME OF MY OWN USED ERASERS, USED TOYS, ETC. SO I COULD WRAP UP SOME GIFTS FOR MY BROTHERS AND SISTER!  :-)
When I was a little girl and there was an altar call in church, I would often go.  When I was praying at the altar if I heard one of my brothers coming to the altar to pray, (I could hear their cowboy boots) I would just start bawling!!!
Obviously, all my siblings got married before I did.  It's been so fun watching our family grow with each new in-law In-love .... join our family, and then each new niece or nephew.  But...I'll save all of them for another one of my 30 days of Thanks! :-)
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for giving me Andrew, Lincoln, and Laura as my DEAR siblings!!!!  They are more special to me then words can describe!!!
~Picture taken back in Jan. 2014 when I was expecting Abigail.~

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