Monday, November 23, 2015

~Day 21, 22, & 23...and lots of Pics with the Flings!~

~Day 21 30 days of Thanks!~
I'm Thankful for shoes! I love shoes! :-)
~Day 22 30 days of Thanks!~
I'm very THANKFUL for our dear Pastor and his sweet wife!!!  Bro. and Sis. Eisenhart are the world's best pastor and wife!!!  So close to God, so caring and loving to their flock, and just the BEST! :-) Our family LOVES Bro. and Sis. E to pieces!!!
 ~Day 23 30 days Thanks!~
I'm VERY THANKFUL for our U.S.A. House that Jesus gave to us for $14.200!!!  (Pic taken in 2010.)
It is a work in progress, but we love it, and already have lots of wonderful memories in it.  A house quickly becomes a HOME...when Love is added!  :-) ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We are having a good time with our fellow missionaries the Flings.  Talking together, praying together, walking and taking buses together, laughing together, ministering together, cooking together, and eating together. :-)
Here's a ton of photos!! :-)
Before they came I made some goodies.
~Mary and I made a "Tea party" for us girls the day before the Flings came.~
~A "fort" that the boys built.~
 ~I made cinnamon rolls for our first breakfast.~

 ~I canned several jars of salsa!~
 ~And I made 3 batches of strawberry freezer jam.~
 ~The Flings arrived around 10:30 on Wednesday morning. So we enjoyed brunch together.~
 ~Before the Flings came I wrote to my Moma and sister and told her,
"Please pray...Mrs. "CLEAN," I mean FLING is coming to my house! :-)
I'm not a clean freak.
I like things clean and organized, but I don't stress about dusting, sweeping and moping each day!
Phillip has some fun glasses with little tiny HOLES poked into the plastic!
So, when Michele arrived, I gave her these glasses with little tiny HOLES, and told her that is she WORE THESE GLASSES while she was here, my house would always appear CLEAN!  :-)
 ~Ready for our first brunch together.~
 ~Some coffee candy and chocolate candy bars that we put in their room to welcome them.~
 ~And some candy for Sammy.~
 ~Water and some fresh jasmine flowers to add some prettiness and yummy smell!~

 ~We had a good English class that night with Leo and Caro and their children and the Flings.~
 ~Michele made a yummy cheese ball to go with my chili.~

 ~Some fresh pumpkin bread Michele made and brought.~
 ~On Friday we took them to the park by the River.~

 ~Michele had been sitting on a bench at the park...when all of a sudden Bryon said, "Michele, Get up!  You are sitting in a black ant trail!!"
Michele jumped up and all of a sudden she started getting bit!!
We soon discovered that large black ants were up inside her skirt. :-(
So we wrapped her in a blanket, took off her skirt, and helped her get them off of her slip.~
 ~Here are Phillip and Kimberly shaking out Michele's skirt and getting the large black ants out!~
 ~The boys and men played ball!~
 ~On a nature trail.~

~For Friday night's supper Michele made Peruvian rice and lentils
and I made Colombian hamburger.
It all was yummy!~

 ~Elijah took our picture.~
 ~Some pumpkin scones I made for breakfast.~
 ~The kiddos splashing their legs in the pool eating popsicles.~
 ~I used some of the pretty Thanksgiving napkins Dear Aunt Nesi sent me when we had Percy and Sara over on Saturday.~

 ~Michele (with the help of Sara) made Lomo Saltado.  It was delicious!~

 ~Percy and Sara, the Flings, and us.~
 ~After our dinner I made some Pumpkin Latte...
 ~And we served Pan dulce or panettone ~
 ~A dear friend from the Chinese church and Phillip and I on Sunday.~
 ~Phillip and Our good friend Wei, who came back to Argentina to visit.~
 ~The young people and Aunt Yoli asked our family to explain a little of the American tradition of Thanksgiving!  Phillip spoke in English and our dear friend Kelly (who translates for us during Church) translated into Chinese!
Phillip gave a devotional and explained Why Thanksgiving was started, admonished us all to be in a continual attitude of Thanksgiving to God...and How we celebrate it today as Christians.  Then Phillip asked each one of us to Thank the Lord for something.
It was a very special afternoon together....
 ~Our family was asked to do a special about Thanksgiving, and we asked if the Flings could join us.  So we sang a medley of,
"Everything I am, God made me" (Victory Trio)
"Thank you, God, for saving my soul"
"Jesus, we just want to Thank you",
And then Kimberly played a verse and chorus of "Great is Thy Faithfulness",
And then all of us (including the young people) sang the chorus together.~

 ~Aunt Yoli, Aunt Caro, and Valen helped me keep Abigail quiet in the back of the church while Phillip and the young people were having their service.~

 ~Phillip had Kimberly and I give Thanks to God first, to show the young people how it was done.~
 ~One of the young men speaking in Chinese and Kelly interpreting it into English for us.~
 ~A group photo!~

We got home at 5:15 from the Chinese church and then got ready and got on the bus to go to Fernando and Mariela's house for a Sunday night service.  We took the bus to the train station and then when we went to talk to the person at the train station to go to Tortuguitas (out in the country...where Fernando lives), they said that there had been a wreck and the train wouldn't be going there that night.  So, we had to call Fernando and his family and tell them we couldn't come for a service. :-(
Please pray for Michele, she is having some physical issues.

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Nicki Woodard said...

Joy was caught wearing my Heels this week, also. So funny to see them trying to walk in shoes horribly too big for them.

If the Flings are still there tell them HI for us.

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