Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~Visitors, a house service, and PLEASE SCRATCH MY BACK!~

~One day Natalie and Gaby (Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly's daughters) spent the day with us.  There was no water this we decided to go and have a cheap meal at a local bakery.   Melanie, Kimberly and Natalie.~
~Noah, Sarah, Gaby, and Elijah~
~Elijah LOVES this milky soup that is common here.~
~We had Edrmin, Maria Elena, and Bro. Shreve over for a meal.~
~We went up to Corinto (45 mins. away) and had an evening service.  A view of Bogota from the mountains.~
~Corinto is where we had our church for the first 2 years, so we have LOTS of memories from there.  We so enjoyed getting to see the people again and it was encouraging to see our people being faithful to other Christian churches there in the neighborhood.   There are some that come down the mountain to our church.  We had a wonderful house service in this humble home.  Notice that her "living room" is also where she fixes and sells used shoes for a living.~
~God's presence was near as we sang the hymns, Melanie greeted them, and Phillip gave a 20 min. devotional/challenge. Then we had some hot choc. and some rolls that Phillip had purchased from a nearby bakery.~
~Melanie and I singing the hymns.~
~This lady was my helper when I was expecting Elijah.~

~Phillip speaking while holding a shy Elijah.~
~These people couldn't THANK US enough for coming and encouraging them in Jesus Christ.~
~But...often when we come back from places like Corinto...or even just use a taxi to go to the store,  our kids get covered with flea bites!!  (Which means that we have to strip their beds, and their clothes and wash them ... and HOPE AND PRAY that we don't get fleas in our carpet...or we are sunk!)  =(~


Daryl Hausman said...

Heaven's rewards will be sweet for you all, is all I can think of! Praying for you and your ministry there, that satan's efforts be defeated and Christ's love be lifted up! Love you so much,

Misty said...

Your little one are so adorable! A tip we learned in Papua New Guinea; fleas do not like garlic. It really worked for us in decreasing the flea bites!

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Misty, for that tip! So, how do we use the garlic to keep the fleas away? Eat garlic, rub garlic, take garlic pills, or what?

.......... said...

O you poor dears those bites look quite uncomfy :( You could also try tea tree oil in a spray with a lil alcohol.....we use that to help keep lice ect away when new foster kids come. We mix it with water and spray it on the body, or the hair or wherever. I don't know if you have those items available to you, but if you do it's worth a try!!! Love, Carla

mmsbryan said...

Only one flea bite can be miserable, I can't imagine what this many must feel like. Hope you can learn of a prevention that helps. What must it be like to live in such a place all the time. Our blessings are so many that we cannot count them. May God bless you and all the others that are willing to be uncomfortable for Jesus. I love you, Moma

lila said...

It will be woth it all when we see Jesus!!!! I hate to keep repeating myself but I am so happy you all are doing such great service for Jesus and getting to do fun things as well. Love all the pics except the flea bites on poor Elijah. You would think he is too rotten for any bug to go near him. lol! Poor little doll baby. Hope the garlic works. love you tons

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