Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Fun visitors, fun gifts, and fun pics.~

~Sunday night Brittany and Daryl gave us some gifts from their family...and some school supplies for our kids from our CNC Jr. Church!  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all for the GREAT gifts!  We love everything!!~
~Noah and Elijah with their gifts.  Elijah needed some more shirts and A. Laura found him LOTS for a SUPER deal!!!  Thank you, A. Laura.~
~Kimberly and Sarah with their gifts.~
~Yours truly with my gifts.  Laura sent me 2 adorable wall stickers that are Scripture verses!  I love them and hung one up that night!  =)~
~Isn't this wall sticker ["Love One Another. John 15:?... so cute above our new family pic?  (I can't remember the refrence and it's 3 flights downstairs, it's late, and we have a guest using our living room for his bedroom. =) Thank you, Laura and family, I LOVE YOUR GIFTS TO ME!  We all do!!~
~One smiley Sarah and exhausted Mary. =)~
~Look who learned to stand up in her crib on Sunday night?  It was funny to see 2 little eyes peeking over her crib.~
~On Monday morning, I made some muffins and we ate breakfast, then we ran out the door to pick up Bro. Alberto's kids from Medellin and we took them and another girl named Sara to the park for an hour or so. (But first we stopped by our house to feed them some of my muffins and something to drink.) The young people played softball.  Brittany is up to bat...but is hiding behind me in this pic.  =(  Everyone did great batting and we had fun.~
~Noah riding the other Sara's bike.~
~Emmanuel, Sara, Elijah, and my Sarah swinging.~
~Johan batting.~
~Then we hurried back home and made lunch for Bro. Luis (who had just arrived from Peru), Daryl, and Phillip, and the rest of us.  Bro. Luis, Daryl and Brittany are staying in our home.
After the 3 men left for class, we took Brittany to see some nearby shops and to get some ice cream.~
~Then we came home to make a taco dip, mango juice and choc. cake for snack.  Just as we were ready to serve...Bro.  Jimmy called us and he, and Sis. Farly, were outside our door with the 6 people that are here from the church in Cartagena.  They had some things for us and wanted to come by and give them to us.  So, we told them all to come in and served them a snack too.  We had a fun time visiting together.~

~Today, we wanted to take Brittany to the flower market...for flowers are such a BIG part of Colombia.  From what we understand....Colombia provides nearly 90 % of the roses sold on Valentine's day in the US!!  We had a lot of fun seeing the flowers and buying some to come home and make some fun arrangements.  Brittany was amazed that we could get 24 beautiful red roses for $2.00!~
~Here we are with the flowers we purchased.~
~Then we grabbed some yummy breakfast at that same market.~
~Elijah said that he knows his GRAM would NOT approve of him drinking out of his bowl...but that his "Changua" (Or a milky soup with an egg in it) was toooo good to waste even one drop. ;-)~
~Then we stopped by a baby store, came by this park and let the kids play for about 15 minutes, then WALKED about 2 miles home carrying our flowers!~

~Got home and drank some iced coffee...and made some fun flower arrangements!~

~Tonight we had a service.  Here Bro. Luis on your right is praying for Bro. Alberto on your left who is going to preach.~
~The Lord helped Bro. Alberto preach on the subject of prayer!~
~I snapped this picture of the young ladies after church.  From L to R: Sara, Gaby, Brittany, little Esther (from Cartagena), Sarah, Kimberly, Natalie, Paolina and little Diana from Cartagena,and Natayi from Medellin.~
~Brittany, Paolina, little Esther, Diana, (all 3 from Cartagena), Sarah and Kimberly.~
Hopefully tomorrow we can get some pics of the classes that Daryl is teaching (and for which Phillip is interpreting) during the day.  Tomorrow we hope to take Brittany to get some souvenirs for her and her family.  Tomorrow night we have invited the 5 people from the Medellin church, the 6 people from the Cartagena church, and Jimmy and his family over to eat a snack with Bro. Luis, Daryl, Brittany and our family.  Thank you for praying for the classes, God is helping.  We covet your prayers for the remaining 2 days of classes.


Daryl Hausman said...

Thank you for helping our hearts with your blog posts! We love you all 9 and are praying MUCH for the Lord's help in the classes and for His strength TO YOU Heather as you run 90-to-nothin to lift everyone's load! You're gonna need to sleep for a week after all your company leaves. So glad you loved all of the gifts...as you know I'm NOT A SHOPPER... so Jesus totally took over when I went out, believe you me!
much love,
Laura and remaining family

Daryl Hausman said...

Thank you for posting the pics! We will be praying! love you all

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed the pictures and updates...Praying for ALL of you! God is blessing your faithful labors!


Daryl Hausman said...

just an FYI... the money for those shirts for Elijah came from CNC Jr. Church... Jesus just helped me find them! We think that pic of Mary in the park looks a lot like Sophia her cousin?! I did a double take at the one pic of Brittany, for she looks so much like Natasha!!! :) love ya lots, Laura and family

lila said...

Your blog tiers me out. So glad Jesus is giving you a ton of strength. I am soooo dilighted for all those that have the priviledge of being mentored by you all. Love all the pics. You are one super women with Jesus' help. love you tons

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