Thursday, July 21, 2011

~Colombia's Independence day~

~Yesterday...July Colombia's Independence day.  Our precious people spent their holiday in the classes on Holiness that Daryl and Phillip are teaching.
Since we don't have many more days together...Brittany and my kids and I worked hard to get the food and house ready for company...then we ran and shopped for some souvenirs for Brittany and her family.  We had had a late breakfast and knew we were going to have a big snack, so we let Brittany try one of Colombia's fruit salads for our "lunch".  After the Lord helped us to find what we wanted and for good deals... we hurried home to put the last minute touches on our table and food.  We had invited the 6 people from the Cartegena church, 5 from Medellin church, Jimmy and Farly and family, and Bro. Luis from Peru over to our home for a snack.~
~We bought a Colombian flag and used that on our table.  Colombia's colors are yellow, blue and red.~

~Phillip and Bro. Jimmy READY to eat! (When Kimberly WARNED Bro.Jimmy that this pic would be going on my blog...he started to take off the bib.=)~
~There ended up being 27 of we were wall-to-wall people...but we had a lot of fun and they seemed to enjoy my tea, Skyline chili, homemade French bread and dessert.~

~Brittany and Kimberly put my trifle together for me.  It was YUMMY and everyone loved it!  So cool, light, and refreshing!!~
~Bro. Alberto acting like the whole trifle was JUST FOR HIM! =D~

~Bro. Jimmy asked that Brittany play her violin for everyone.  She did well.~
~Phillip and Daryl heading out the door to class this morning.  (They got lots of pics of the classes with Daryl's camera, but I forgot to ask if I could copy them before they left for class today.)
Yesterday Phillip called to tell me that at the end of the morning session on Holiness, Daryl had asked that they spend some time in prayer.  The Lord's sweet presence settled down upon that dear group and they wept and prayed for 2 hours...totally skipping their lunch hour.  (They ate lunch at 2:00 P.M.)  A married couple who has been having struggles wept and hugged each other, a young man was sanctified, etc. We are soooo GRATEUL for God's help in the classes!  Today is their last day of classes and we have a special service tonight.  Your prayers are so appreciated!!!


mmsbryan said...

Tell Pastor Jimmy that I thought the bibs were very becoming to him and our son. Surely you are touching lives for Christ in your home and everywhere. So glad to hear of the wonderful prayer time. Love to you all, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures! Loved seeing them!
Will be praying,

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for all you are doing for those dear Colombian people... and the few American's you've had with you this week too! =)
Much Love and missin you!!!

lila said...

Good post as always and so glad to hear how God is working there. love you tons

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