Saturday, July 23, 2011

~Pics of the Holiness Classes in Bogota~

~We surely enjoyed having Daryl here to teach classes on Holiness this week.  A FUN PERK for our family was that Brittany got to come too!  YEA! =) (When we left the USA in Jan. we thought we probably wouldn't get to see her [and her brother and sisters] again for 2 we were thrilled that we got to see her just 6 months later! =) ~
~Brittany, Daryl, Edgar, Joanna and their baby that is due any day.~
~L to R: Bro. Alberto, Sis. Alba, Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Phillip, Heather, Bro. Rigoberto, and Sis. Ilce.~
~The same group with Bro. Daryl and Brittany.~
~Johan, Natay, Brittany, and Kimberly after the last service.~
~Bro. Daryl and Phillip teaching classes.~
~People taking notes.~
~Learning more about Holiness.~
~A very attentive group~
~Daryl and Phillip~
~A good group attended the classes and the Lord really helped!  Thank you, Daryl, for all the hours of studying and teaching you did.  Jesus helped you to touch a lot of lives for Him here in Colombia.~

~Brittany and Kimberly made a fun arrangement of the song "Just a Closer Walk" and played it for the offertory the very last night.~
~L to R front row :Johan, Emmanuel, Paola, Noah, Sarah, Diana, Esther.  Second row: Kimberly and Mary, Brittany, Sis. Alba, Sis. Farly, Heather, Sis. Ilce, Sis. Nancy, Natay.  Third row: Bro. Luis, Bro. Daryl, Bro.Alberto, Bro. Jimmy, Phillip and Elijah, Bro. Erdmin, and Bro. Rigoberto. (We were sad when we realized that Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly's 2 daughters had already gone home with their Grandma.)~
The classes were very profitable!  Thank you for your prayers!!!  The Lord gave Daryl and Brittany a safe trip home!  =)
Gracias Pastor Jimmy y Pastora Farly por todo lo que ustedes han hecho en esta semana por la iglesia y las clases tambien!  Que Dios Les Bendiga Ricamente!! (Thank you, Pastor Jimmy, and Sis. Farly for all y'all have done for the church and for the classes this week too! May God richly bless you!)


Daryl Hausman said...

We are very thankful for how Jesus helped in the classes! Love ya'll bunches and am missing ya'll tons!

mmsbryan said...

Thank the Lord for the good attendence. I am still in awe how the Lord has led and directed you to people in SA that want the message of Holiness. I still remembering "wondering" the night in Phoenix that Phillip told us his call but that he did not know anyone there nor where to go. Surely God has led all the way. It was good seeing all the interesting photos. Love, Moma

lila said...

Praise the Lord there are still those who are hungry and someone is taking the message to them. Bless you all.

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