Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~Have you ever had one of those days...~

...Where you wondered if it would be better to just go back to bed and start over??  =D
Well, Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I just was sooooo EXHAUSTED...from running NON-STOP, having company for 5 weeks or so [But I LOVED having all of my company!!!], from baby Mary's sleepless nights, etc......that I could barely get out of bed.  I finally MADE myself get out of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast.  I cut up bacon, put it on to fry with some onion, cracked 13 eggs and put them on to fry, put 12 pieces of bread in the oven to toast, and was making some freshly squeezed orange juice.  I had been stirring the eggs, but Sarah was having trouble juicing some oranges, so we traded jobs.  Then, another one of my children came along and decided that they wanted to help stir the eggs...ONLY they WERE JUST STIRRING THEM AND NOT HOLDING ON TO THE HANDLE OF THE SKILLET....and the skillet and eggs SLIPPED OFF THE STOVE and landed on the FLOOR!  ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!  That child had to run and get a shower for they were covered in raw eggs.  I then told Sarah to PLEASE go and get Daddy!  (RIGHT BEFORE THIS HAPPENED...I had just thought..."in about 5 minutes we'll call Daddy to eat!" =)   When Sarah called Phillip he thought, "That's strange, she said, 'Mommy needs you NOW', not 'Come...for Breakfast is ready.' "  When he got downstairs he saw the REASON I needed him.  At my request he grabbed the camera and took a couple of pictures for memories sake. 
~Then he was a SWEETHEART and helped me clean up the mess and made more eggs while I was finishing the rest of the breakfast. ~
I then noticed Mary was leaking YELLOW...and sure enough it was EVERYWHERE!  So, I stripped her and Phillip snapped a picture of that too, but I'll spare you that picture. ;-)  Then I washed her off and Kimberly dressed her.  We finished eating "breakfast" at NOON!!  WOW!  What a day!  But after a nap, and some COLD COFFEE, I got lots done the rest of the day.  =)


Rob and Deanna said...

"Enjoyed" hearing about your day too! ;-) That looks DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! & egg is SOo not Easty to clean up. Sorry.......... Stayed up until a little after 3 this morning & got my house feeling a little more "doable." Started taking a liquid natural product to try to help my energy. I'll let you know how it works. :-)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather,
My heart has been hurting for how busy you and your family has had to be for the last some months now. I pray that one of these days you each can catch your breath and get a bit of rest and recouperation. (??)
Jesus, please help this little family in the midst of all that goes on in their lives. Please renew their strength and help them to mount up with wings as eagles. Do help them to run and not be weary and to walk and not faint. Teach them Lord to wait upon you.
Dad faithfully goes to your blog-site every day after he gets home from work, so he can see what's going on in your lives. :-) And I've been too tired and too busy to write comments but I do so enjoy regularly hearing what's going on in your lives.
Love, Mom D

Denise said...

I will just "Amen" Mom Dickinson's prayer. I HATE days like that ~ but they do make me REALLY appreciate the days that are so lovely I know someone touched heaven for me!Love you, Heather! Consider yourself sympathetically hugged from Aunt Nesi!

Daryl Hausman said...

Bless your sweet hearts! I am glad you remembered to "capture the moment on film" (reminds me of another Shhh moment!=) lots of love to ya'll. Brittany has been trying to win us over to Iced Coffee's. I'm trying.. just can't get there yet! I'll keep it up, though it may win me over soon! Maybe I'm doing something wrong?! Love ya,

lila said...

I wondered when your energy was gonna run out. I am sorry you are human and have days like the rest of us. Bless your heart. You are one amazing girl with the help of Jesus. So glad for all you are doing for His cause. love you all tons

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