Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Happy 104th birthday, Grandma!~

My sweet Grandma (my Daddy's Mom) turns 104 today! AMAZING!! She still helps Moma in the kitchen, does fine needle work, supports missionaries, writes letters, PRAYS LOTS, reads her Bible and books, etc.
~Happy Birthday, Grandma!!I trust that your day is VERY SPECIAL!!!
(Grandma Bryan holding our tiny 3 week old baby Mary last October.)~
Can it be that my Grandma is 104?
She is caring, loving, kind, Christ-like and more!
Through her life the Heritage of Holiness has been passed on...
To my family and I through my Daddy...Grandma's son!

She likes to write letters and often writes in rhyme
She hand stitches pretty pieces...which takes lots of time!
Our all-wise God has called some to travel and share...
But He has called Grandma to travel through PRAYER!!

She gives of her means to help those who sow God's seed
She's a dear Grandma...A very dear Grandma indeed!
Our family wishes we could be with her TODAY
But we're sending lots of hugs and best wishes her way!
~Heather Dickinson   7-5-2011~

~Grandma and our family last October (2010)~


Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet Post, Heather! Grandma just made us some of her FINE FAMOUS Potato Salad, this past weekend!!! She is truly amazing!
love ya,

lila said...

I have been thinking about her birthday for several days and forgot it today. I meant to get a card in the mail to her.. I guess it will be late. She is a very dear person I will never forget. We love her dearly. Happy Birthday Grandma Bryan. Nice poem and pics.

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