Monday, July 25, 2011

~Relaxing together on Daryl and Brittany's last day.~

~Before we left for our last service...Brittany came downstairs carrying Mary in her bag.  Brittany said that when she put Mary in her purse that Mary had such a bored look on her face...which made Brittany laugh all the harder.~

~Mary says..."I've found something new to chew on."=)~

~On Daryl and Brittany's last day here we got to do some sight seeing and running around Bogota.  Poor Daryl and Phillip had been RUNNING every day with hardly a minute to breathe, so we were very glad that we had their last day to just relax and be together.  We took them to see President Simon Bolivar's house.  We had to take 2 taxis to get there.  The guys in one and us girls in the other.  As we pulled up I noticed that Elijah was playing near a fountain and thought to myself, "Any minute Elijah is going to fall into that fountain."  Sure enough, we got out of the taxi and KRRR SPLASH...Elijah fell into the fountain soaking nearly all of his clothes!  Now it was a chilly day and I had NO SPARE we stripped him of his clothes, and rang them out, then put his coat back on him and sat him in the stroller and wrapped his legs with other coats and Mary's blankets.  Then we looked through the President's house and then went to a nearby market and found some more pants that we could buy for Elijah.  Which was an answer to PRAYER!!~
~All of us in front of Simon Bolivar's house.~
~Daryl and Brittany in front of his house and the mountain behind them is where we rode the gondola up to see the neat view of Bogota.~
~Inside the gondola heading up the mountain.~
~We wanted a picture of this llama with Elijah sitting on it.  As you can see some of us are howling laughing...because Elijah had just pulled the llama's ears.~
~The pants we found at the market to buy for Elijah.  (That market only sells typical things like bags and scarves, so it was a miracle that we found pants for sell.)~
~The Ladies with a tiny antique piano behind them...which was inside Simon Bolivar's house.~
~Our family up on the mountain with the Colombian flags behind us.~
~Mary, Sarah and I with the Andes mountains behind us.~
~All of us with Bogota behind us.~
~Daryl and Brittany~
~Kimberly and baby Mary sporting her new coat and hat...and who was sucking on Kimberly's zipper on her coat. =)~
~After we had walked A LONG WAYS...and we were STARVING...we ate lunch at Crepes and Waffles...because it was too late in the afternoon to find a typical Colombian lunch.~

~Phillip being silly wearing Elijah's hat.  (Looks like Dr. Seuss's "The Cat and the Hat" =)~
~It started POURING THE RAIN on us...and we were SOAKED and cold, so we ran into a nearby coffee shop to have some coffee to warm us up.  Thankfully the rain pretty much quit while we were inside this shop.  (And trust me..the "Mochaccino" [Cappuccino with a touch of chocolate] was WELL WORTH IT!! =)~
~Notice Phillip's wet shoulder and Daryl's coat.  It was CHILLY Fall-like weather so the coffee helped warm up our soaked selves.~

~Kimberly in Elijah's hat.~
~Sarah being silly in Elijah's hat.~
~Then we rode a VERY crowded bus, got off and got some coffee and things for Daryl and Brittany to take home, came home and finished packing and here we are saying those SAD goodbyes before Phillip took them to the airport.  It was SAD, but it was a very special time of tears and sweet words...memories which we will hold dear for a long time.~

We LOVED having Daryl and Brittany with us and have wonderful memories of their days here.  Thank y'all again for all the sweet gifts y'all brought to our family, and for the wonderful classes on Holiness.  Brittany, Thank you for all the dishes you washed, babies you lugged and bathed and changed, clothes you folded, songs you played on your violin (Kimberly MISSES you playing your violin with her in church), etc!  We had a BLAST having y'all here and are so glad that it worked out for y'all to come.


lila said...

So glad you all had such a fun day. Love the pics and oh that Elijah, what a child he is. Life would surely be dull without him. Happy the Hausman's made it home safe. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks again for all the fun pics to help us feel like we got to be there too. well, kinda anyway! =) Brittany got all of the pics made into hard copies today as part of her "souvenirs" from Colombia. She loved EVERY minute of her time there. She told us that she even LOVED how the taxi drivers drive over there!!! I guess that just goes to prove how much of a MISSIONARY KIDS heart she has! love ya much and miss you tons,

Daryl Hausman said...

It made me smile when I saw these pictures. Such sweet memories! Love ya'll,

Bryanna Shirk said...

Love Mary in the purse!!! So CUTE!!!!!

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