Saturday, July 30, 2011

~Company and a puppy for Sunday dinner. =)~

I have a few pics to post from right after Melanie left.  She left on Friday, July 8th, then on Sunday, July 10th, (My sweet Moma's birthday =)  we invited a young family over for Sunday dinner.  We wanted to invite them over before the classes on Holiness began and things got really busy..  
After we invited them over we found out that it was their Laura's 6th birthday.  When they showed up for Sunday dinner they brought her little puppy that she had received for her birthday. =)
~Here's Kimberly holding "Cookie".~
~Alejandra and Laura with their little puppy "Cookie".~
~Noah and the girls at their table.~
~Laura put her little puppy inside one of Sarah's little pink purses. =)~
~Laura with her gifts from us, with Sarah standing behind her.~
~Laura parent's brought her birthday cake and candle with them to or house.~
~Laura's parent's Esneider and Cindy, and the rest of our family enjoying our dinner.~
Will you please pray for this sweet family?  Thank you. =)


Denise said...

We will pray for them! You are being such a good missionary to invite them into your home and let them see first-hand how a conservative holiness family lives... and how lovely it is to live this way! I thought as I looked at your pictures, "These people are blessed to have the Dickinson's as examples of a holiness family!" Thank you for being salt and light in Columbia!

lila said...

I second Denise's post. Very well said. love you all tons

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