Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~Cow Tail for supper~

Thank you for praying for Melanie Smith as she traveled to Bolivia to be reunited with her family.  She wrote me to say that she arrived safely Saturday evening at 5:30!  Wow! She traveled for well over 24 hours!  Please continue to pray for her and her family.  They plan to spend a few more weeks ministering in Bolivia before going back to Indiana.  As I understand it...this should be Melanie's last year of college. We had a wonderful time having her here and she was a HUGE blessing to our family and the church here!  How we miss her! =(
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Before Melanie left a couple from our church wanted to invite her and our family over for a meal.  So, her last Wednesday here we went over to Mr. Luciano and Mrs. Doris' house for supper.  Mr. Luciano is the man that we visited that sells meat in the market where we got all of the beautiful flowers.
~Here is Mr. Luciano cutting us some meat...with a tray of Cow tails in the background.~

~Kimberly, Phillip, Heather, and Melanie eating supper at Luciano and Doris' house.~
~They put baby Mary in their doll stroller.~
~Here is what our plate looked like.  Potatoes, Yuca, Rice, peas, and Cow's tail.  Believe it or not, it tasted like a Sunday Roast in the US.  As long as we didn't think about what we were eating it was good. =) We did get a little nervous when they said that they'd like to invite us back to eat EYE BALL SOUP and FRIED COW KIDNEYS and they were serious!! (Kimberly has asked me to do her a favor and not accept any more dinner invitations, until I find out WHAT we are going to be served. =) ~
 ~At this house they were selling these "Wall stickers".  I'm not usually one to put stickers on my wall, but I thought these were cute, and it was a way of helping them out, so I bought this one to put above Mary's bed.  (In our US home Mary has a nice nursery, but here things have to be more simple.)~
~I like the touch it gives to "Mary's corner of our room."~


lila said...

The food looks yummy but I prefer the cow tails we have here. The candy ones. It's sweet they wanted to share. I am with Kimberly, I would not want to eat eyeballs or kidneys either. I think I would stick a peanut butter sandwich in my purse. love you tons

Peggy B. said...

Don't think I could have done it. I'll pass on the eyeballs and kidneys. Ugh.

Daryl Hausman said...

It's fun to watch the Grace of God in your lives! =) We are praying for you and each form of ministry that you find that the Lord sends your way! Lots of love, Laura

mmsbryan said...

Perhaps your friends are saving the eye ball soup and the kidney until Daryl and Brittany are with you. ;-)

I have been amazed how God gives the grace to help you eat what is served when doing it for His Glory. We have experienced it in many lands. Remember when in your teens you were in Nicaragua with Daddy and I and you spilled your plate on the dirt floor where the table was set up and the dog rushed up and ate it? I can still hear you breathe a sigh of relief as you said, "praise the Lord." I about chocked to keep from laughing and was glad that no one noticed and brought you more! WE DID HAVE PEANUT BUTTER SNACKS FOR ON OUR WAY HOME AND THAT KEPT BODY AND SOUL TOGETHER UNTIL THEN. We were told that in that village we were the first white women ever to visit. You could not have known that God was preparing you for this kind of life someday. YOU DID WELL ON THAT TRIP. Love, Moma

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