Sunday, July 17, 2011

~Classes on Holiness.~

~Daryl and Brittany have arrived safely!  Daryl is here to preach 4 days of classes (6 hours each day!!) on Holiness!  I made a blackberry/strawberry cobbler for their welcoming snack.~
~I wanted some pretty strawberries for my cake on Sunday and Phillip found these BEAUTIES!  (Our friends the Rimas who adopted the 5 Colombian girls gave us 3 bags of things before they left.  This fun table cloth was in those bags. =)~
~Getting ready for Daryl to come.  Choc./candy covered almonds, some Swedish Choc. balls that we made, a bottle of water, tic tacs, flowers, tooth paste, shampoos, etc. (The sample shampoos and toothpaste were from our friends too.=) I know flowers aren't a "guy thing", but I wanted to put fresh flowers in his room. =)~
~The things in the room where Brittany was going to stay.  Sarah, Mary and I ran out last minute and found the fun flowers...right before we headed to the airport to pick up our guests.~

~Praise the Lord...they are here!~
~Bro. Jimmy has urged us as a church to fast on Sunday mornings.  It is a big help to me not to have to make breakfast.  (Our younger kids normally have some toast or something.)  So, I told Brittany and Daryl that they could help themselves to cereal or toast, but took this tray of tea and strawberries up to their room. I LOVE my little glass pitcher that Jesus just helped me to find. =)~
~In church this morning.~
~God's presence was very close!~
~Bro. Alberto and family from Medellin greeting the church.~
~Daryl and Brittany greeting the church.~
~The Lord really helped Daryl as he preached (and Phillip as he interpreted.)~
~Brittany holding Mary during church.  (It looks like Kimberly [who is sitting behind Brittany] is scratching Brittany's chin.=)~
~Daryl giving an object lesson on the carnal nature in one's heart.  He put a rock, a penny, a Colombian coin, and a flower inside a pitcher of water and explained that this pitcher COULD hold more water...but for the things that are in it.  So, with our hearts.  We have the potential to be MUCH MORE FILLED WITH GOD'S SPIRIT when He cleanses our hearts of the sin nature and takes out the "foreign objects."~
~Us ladies.~
~I've been wanting to make this cake for some months now.  It was sooo FUN to make for our dessert today and it was delicious!  I thought it was going to be tooo RICH, but it's yummy and not icky sweet!  I plan to post the recipe on my next Fun Food Friday.~

Please pray for the classes this week.  Tomorrow 2 more pastors arrive.  Please pray for a good attendance, for strength and help for Daryl and Phillip and those who attend, and for the Holy Spirit to work in hearts!  Thank you!


Beth said...

Glad they could come! I didn't know they were coming, but we will be praying for them, the classes, and their time there. Has Brittany come down there before?

mmsbryan said...

Glad for the post and the update. your guest preparations look nice and make for a cozy welcome. The cake looks lovely, looking forward to recipe. It looks like a nice size to make when only a few guests. Looking forward to more posts and praying for all concerned in this full week. I love you, Moma

lila said...

Glad they arrived safely.You always make everything look so nice but of course you had a good teacher. Enjoyed the post and pics. Hope a lot is accomplished for the Kingdom. Praying for you all, love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Oh how sweet to see this post! We miss you so much, Sweets and Brittany! But we are more thankful that you are willing for God to use you in this small way!! Praying for you as you teach, Sweets. As well as for Phillip as he interprets all of those hours! Heather, hope you are enjoying my sweet little helper, for I miss her terribly! WE ALL DO! Give everyone squeezes all around! And thanks for all the pics for it helps our hearts to get to "see" them! love ya,

Daryl Hausman said...

BTW! Your dessert looks fabulous!!! Can't wait to see the recipe! Glad you liked your goodies & wall scriptures too!
lots of love to ALL of you!

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