Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~More of what Melanie and our family did ...part 2~

~Earlier I had told you about a dear couple in our church named Edgar and Joanna.  They have been WANTING a baby with all of their hearts!  The whole church here, Edgar and Joanna, and our Church back home were praying for God to give them a baby.  God has answered our prayers and Joanna is due in August with a baby girl!  =)  Edgar asked if we could take Joanna's maternity pictures...and so one Saturday while Melanie was here, they came over, Melanie loaned us her camera which is newer than ours, we took their pictures and served them supper.  (Melanie was helping keep Mary entertained during the photo session.=) The Lord helped and here are some of my favorite shots of our photo shoot.~

 ~They wanted a picture with Phillip and I too.~
 ~I served a simple meal of Lasagna, garlic toast, waldorph salad, homemade pineapple juice, and cookies and jello for dessert.~

 ~Then on Melanie's last Saturday here, we were invited to Joanna's baby shower.~
 ~They served us all kinds of yummy drinks, and delicious "Arroz con pollo" (Rice with chicken).~

~Bro. Edgar asked Phillip to give a short devotional. (Bro. Jimmy had had to leave early.)~

 ~We got their baby a tiny Sunday dress and a pack of diapers.  Melanie got her some little dressy shoes to wear to match the dress we got her.
As you can see by the name on the wall...I feel VERY HONORED that they plan to name their little girl after me, and her middle name is after Bro. Jimmy's Mom. =)~
~Phillip and Heather, Joanna (baby Heather Sofia) and Edgar!  =)~
Please keep Edgar, Joanna, and baby Heather Sofia in your prayers!  Thank you!! =)


Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet, Sweet Photos! we were sooo excited to get to see them! Jesus really helped you. I especially loved the background of the red satin. Looks SO professional! Great Job! Love ya'll... praying for that sweet family too! Please give them our congratulations!
Love ya,

Greg & Stephanie said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! How precious for that couple! Keep encouraged!

lila said...

So happy for them. The pics turned out great. How sweet that they want to name their little girl after you! I am so happy you all are touching so many lifes for Jesus!!! love you tons

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