Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~Our Memorial Day...& an answer to prayer!~

So...I know this is a tad late...but I wanted to post pics from our Memorial day and tell you about an answer to prayer that my Jesus did for me!=)
~Here's the fun "Uncle's Sam's fresh Berry Pie" that I made.~

~I did a fun thing around the edge of the crust...I did several indentions with a spoon.  I took a pic of it before it went into the oven...for I KNEW that my crust would probably SLIDE down into the pie plate when it baked...and I was right!  =(~

~Our fun table with fresh red flowers!~
~I love Red, white and blue together...I especially love this color blue with red.  We normally cannot find lemons here...only green limes.  We were thrilled that Phillip found some yellow made some yummy fresh lemonade with them!~
~Another shot of our yummy pie!~
~Enjoying our meal.  Kimberly was very SICK, so didn't look at the camera nor did she want pictures taken of her. =( ~

~A Praise!~
One evening we were coming back to our house and fixin' to go into the office of our housing development (which is where we get our mail) when I prayed right out loud..."Dear Jesus, You could help my Better Homes and Gardens magazine to be here!!"
When we walked into the office I asked if there was any mail for house #6 and the guard pulled out...YOU GUESSED IT...My June Better Homes and Gardens magazine!!!
I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY and squealed with delight and told the guard that this was an answer to prayer!  (Thank you to everyone who helped me pray that my BHG mag. would come in the mail! Keep praying...I'm hoping to get my July and Aug. issues in the mail before we go to Argentina! =)
My sweet Moma sent me the April and May BHG magazines with Melanie...since those were the ones that didn't receive in the mail!  =D
~One HAPPY ME with my long-awaited magazine!~
Coming soon...Pics from Melanie's first Sunday with us!


lila said...

The pie is beautiful and looks yummy. So happy you got your BHG mag. You are too cute and sweet Heather. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Your pastry looked lovely . . . before it was baked. ;-( Have you tried Laura's trick of flutting up the edges of an aluminum pie pan and sitting it down in you pastry shell and bake it for 7 minutes - then remove the inner pie tin and continue baking until it is brown. It really works, keeping you edges fluted up after baking. Remember you never get too old to learn, often you girls teach me something that I never thought nor read. Thanks for sharing. Your pie was so pretty and table lovely. Love, Moma

Sharonda said...

I LOVE how you go the extra mile in making everything pretty and attractive in your home, including the food! I enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming!

The Dickinsons said...

Yes, Moma, I didn't want to take the space in my post to tell what ALLLLL I did to make that crust stay up while baking. But, I did set an aluminum pie plate filled with rice down into my crust and baked it for several mins. then VERY CAREFULLY removed it and the crust went SLIP SLIDING AWAY down into my pan. =( I think it has to do with the altitude and my having to use BUTTER for my crust since I cannot find shortening here. Oh, well, it was still a pretty pie once it got filled and was delicious!! =)

Angie Davis said...

Your pie is magnificent! (And that crust certainly looks better than mine ever has...)

I love that God understands what a blessing little things--like a BHG magazine--can be to a Mother's heart. Blessings!

Bryanna Shirk said...

I love the pie!!!! It is soooooooo cute!!! I love your table lay out too.
I am soooooooo happy you got your magazine!!!

Daryl Hausman said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your pie crust Idea. I've seen that before but didn't have a clue how they did it! Neat Idea... and you can bank on my using it sometime! Your berry pie looked delicious!
love ya,

Daryl Hausman said...

Since Moma's sharing ideas with you... I just read recently that if you STRETCH your pie pastry AT ALL then it will slide down in. So my latest try is to make the pie crust VERY FULL so that there's no room for it to slide down in! :) Your using butter would definitely alter that though, I'm sure your right! Love ya and happy pie baking even if it "ain't" easy!!! :)
Love ya,

Brittany said...

So funny - I've been CRAVING fresh strawberry pie lately, and on Sunday I made one - we ate it all - So on Monday I had to make me another one! But I cheated and used frozen pie crusts, so I'm sure yours was better! Don't feel bad that it slid - I can't even make one! Oh, and I just love turquoise with red! You made everything look so lovely :) So glad your BHG mag came - sometimes it's the little things that can give us that little extra boost!

Kimberly said...

very pretty color combo...and i like your outfit, too!! that pie looks super-delicious!! glad you got your magazines:)love ya!

Beth Stetler said...

i always had trouble with the high-altitude cooking and baking in saltillo. :/
we rarely find lemons in mexico, either. just limes. when i ask friends or grocers for lemons, they look at me like i'm from mars, so i've just given up on that. :o)

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