Saturday, June 11, 2011

~I'm back...~

Sorry that my blog has been on "pause" for a couple days...I've been...
~Making trips to North Bogota to work on our Colombian visa paperwork which expired today.
(A yummy aromatic fruit drink and our pictures for our "safe conduct papers" Col. papers.)...~
~Getting ready for Melanie to come...~
~Buying groceries which included treats to leave in her room...~
~Going to the airport to meet her (Noah talking IN SPANISH with a policeman, which is quite impressive since Noah is VERY timid when it comes to talking in Spanish. =)...~
~Taking Melanie out for a typical lunch after she arrived (Our lunch cost us less than $2.00 a plate.=)...~
~Going to church (Melanie greeting the church Thurs. night.)...~
~Buying flowers for Melanie's room (I let her choose since I couldn't find flowers to buy her before we picked her up at the airport.  I bought a bunch for my table too.)...~
~On the way to the north to work on our visa papers on Friday, we stopped at a park and Melanie took a new family picture of us (to replace the one in our red toned living room that doesn't include our baby Mary.)...~
~And while there we snapped a few "16th wedding anniversary pictures" of my Sweetheart and I...~

~What our flowers look like 2 days later~
[Since we are still waiting on a paper from the Col. gov. we had to pay for a month's extension to continue to work on our visa.]
Now...we need to get ready to feed 13 people Skyline chili for dinner tomorrow, and Kimberly and Melanie are making oatmeal raisin cookies to take to pass out at church on Sunday.  We are loving having Melanie with us...she is being a big blessing!
Stay tuned for more post...including, "Christmas in June".  =)


mmsbryan said...

Glad that you are back! Although I knew what you were doing via phone and as Melanie was leaving from here I still was looking forward to hearing from you. You are surely working Melanie quit hard. It is nice that you can have a student with you that we know and also know and are friends with her family and both sets of Grandparents. So nice that she is a MK and can speak the language. I just know that you are going to want to keep her. Love, Moma

Kira said...

I love your new family picture ...Mary looked adorable .

I am glad that Melaine is enjoying her time with you and your busy daily lives are sure going to keep her from getting too homesick )=o

Daryl Hausman said...

Been on the run myself, so haven't had a minute to check your blog. So glad for the traveling mercies for Melanie and praying all goes well with her ministry visit with you all.
Blessings and we love you much, Laura

lila said...

Oh Heather!! You make everything look so wonderful like your Mother always does. Would love to visit you and get the royal treatment. So glad you all are having a nice time. Love all the pics, the one of Noah talking to the police is adorable. love you all tons

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