Saturday, June 25, 2011

~A pastoral call and some of God's BEAUTIFUL flowers!!~

~We Enjoyed DEVOURED some YUMMY pimento cheese sandwiches with the cheese Melanie's grandparents sent us! =D~

 ~Phillip wanted to make a pastoral call on a couple men from our church who work in a meat market.  I knew that Marisol had taken me to a Flower market right outside that market where you get beautiful flowers for CHEAP!  So, we all went and had fun seeing and buying flowers!~
 ~Phillip got tears in his eyes when he saw all the different kinds of BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS that God has created.  These pictures don't do it was AMAZING how many types of flowers there were!  What a mighty God we serve!~

 ~Then we went inside the market and looked around, ate breakfast, and bought some veggies.~

 ~Eating breakfast.~

~Our breakfast of scrambled eggs over rice, and cafe con leche (coffee with milk) to drink.~
~Melanie enjoyed seeing inside this market.~
~While we ate breakfast...we had a beautiful view of a mountain and a famous church in Bogota, but it's hard to see it in this picture.~

~Then we went to see Esneider and his Father-in-law Luciano who sell meat in this market.~
~Mr. Luciano asked if I wanted any meat.  I told him some meat to grill out would be great.   Here he is cutting it for me...then he surprised us and GAVE it to us for a gift!  Later, we went back to the flower market and bought flowers for both of these men to take home to their wives!~
~We got home and had fun putting lots of flower arrangements together!~
~Some pretty hydrangeas in a vase with rocks and limes.~
~Beautiful purple roses. (We got 25 purple roses for $3.00!! =)~
~A neat red flower~

~Snapdragons and a flower that they call "Shrimp".~

~We made Melanie this flower arrangement for her room.~
~Phillip bought me this branch of GORGEOUS orchids for our room!~

~Here is a closer picture of the "Shrimp" flower. =)~
~Kimberly's flowers she bought for her desk.~
~ Hydrangeas that we put in Melanie's room.~
The Lord really helped Melanie as she gave the devotional Thursday evening. I'll post pics soon! Right now we have to run get groceries for we are getting company for Sunday dinner. =)


Dorcas said...

The sandwiches with the pimento cheese look delicious!! You're making me hungry :o) And the flowers are beautiful. You are so fortunate to live where you can buy them so cheap! Last week was our 34th anniversary and my husband brought me flowers. The tag on them said they were from Honduraus. And oh, I really enjoy your blog!!

mmsbryan said...

Absolutely lovely flowers! So glad for all the nice things God allows you as you serve Him so far from home. Daddy's black raspberries are coming in now, with him getting over two gallon a picking. I have pies in the oven and need to go check them. So good to get the news. Love, Moma

.......... said...

Ohhh, I LOVE the flowers. SOOOO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Love, Carla

lila said...

Wow the flowers are abundant and beautiful. Your arrangements are beautiful. Your blog is so encouraging. I am so glad you get to do a lot of neat fun things. It would be so fun to visit you all. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Yummy sandwiches. And BEAUTIFUL flowers!
Love you all

Daryl Hausman said...

Obviously I've been goin too fast to check your blog... sorry. It was fun catching up!! Luv ya, Laura

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I too, have been blessed with lots of goodies...for instance, dad has brought home many bouquets of flowers when Kodiak Fresh, LLC, has bought a semi-truck load of flowers for real cheap. Then, they will re-sell the bouquets, and dad will bring home a large box of those flowers. Have mercy, then I have to scramble all over this house and in my wash house, looking for vases and containers in which to put all the flowers! But when they are all taken care of and sitting everywhere in my house, I feel like an absolute rich woman!
Your mom mentioned gobs of blackberries. I will mention quart bags and bags of lemon juice in my freezer that should be used. I need to get brushed up on making Lemon Merangue Pies and start putting out the pies!
It's to be 115 degrees here today but it sure is pretty outside, as I look out the window from my air conditioned house. Smile.
Dad's outside working and when he gets home, he'll be looking in the window of our house saying, it sure looks cool and pretty inside. Ha!
Mom D

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