Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Ministry trip to the ACE school in Paraiso~

~ ~Exactly 5 years ago TODAY...our family landed in Bogota, Colombia to serve Jesus here!  It's amazing what God has done in the past 5 years! =) ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We decided to take Melanie to the school in Paraiso where Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly teach.  We knew it would give Melanie a good vision of the poverty that can be found in Colombia.  Bro. Jimmy asked Melanie to give a devotional to the students.  We decided to take lunch to the kids. 
~Kimberly and Melanie made the 34 ham and cheese sandwiches, and we also took chips, oreo cookies, and drinks.~

~Then we took a taxi the 30-45 mins. up the mountain to Paraiso. 
Melanie, the kids and I overlooking Bogota. (That's the Andes mountains behind us.)~

~Bro. Jimmy was introducing Melanie and telling the students that she and her family have been/are missionaries to Bolivia and then he showed the kids where Bolivia is on the map.~

~Our family singing "I saw a wiggle worm" in Spanish for the students.~
~A cute girl student holding baby Mary.~
~Kimberly teaching an English lesson in pronunciation of the 3 sounds of "A".~
~Elijah (with a oreo cookie COVERED jacket =) and 3 students.~
~Melanie giving a neat devotional about Zaccheus.~

~Afterwards she asked Phillip to pray with the students.~
~Melanie and I serving the lunch.  We were sooo SAD that Sis. Farly was VERY SICK and couldn't be at the school this day.~
~Melanie, Kimberly and I getting the lunch ready for some hungry kids.~
~Sarah passing out the chips to the students.~
~Melanie passing out the drinks.~

~Kimberly passing out the cookies.~
~Walking to catch our bus back home!~
~Elijah, Noah, and Sarah on the 45 min. bus ride down the mountain.~

~Bro. Jimmy, Phillip, Baby Mary and I, Melanie and Kimberly in the bus.~

God gave us a good day with Bro. Jimmy and the dear students and they asked us when we were coming back to see them!  Please continue to pray for Melanie as she prepares to give a devotional to the church on Thursday night.


Janie said...

Love the pictures with the mountains. Beautiful! Miss you guys!

Daryl Hausman said...

Ya'll in Winter jackets always makes me do a double take! :) Loved the mountain pics. I have in my journal that you all landed in Colombia 5 years ago and was thinking/praying for you all this a.m. Here I raise my Ebenezer... "Thus far has the Lord brought us!"Praising God with you for ALL of His help! Mary is getting WAY too big! Give everyone a squeeze from their OH relatives and relations! :) (Rabbit in Pooh Bear!) Love you all BUNCHES,
A. Laura

lila said...

Hard to believe it's been 5 yrs. I'm sad for us but happy for the Colombians. So glad you could visit those precious children. Looks like Melanie is having fun and getting some good training. Love all the pics. Those fair skinned kids really stand out in the crowd. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather, I love seeing the way the Lord is blessing you and those around you. I sure appreciated the sweet note you sent a few weeks ago, that was such a wonderful surprise!
Every since I have know our wonderful Jesus I have felt within me the change and how He fills us with forgivness and love for others, (even if they aren't easy to love) but then he blesses us with those who are easy to love :-) who love you back with ease, and the light of Jesus just shines all over them. This is you and Laura and your families! I thank the Lord for you all and find it a true blessing to have you all as friends.
Thank you again for all your kindness.

Phxchick4Jesus said...

Wow. five years of serving Jesus in the center of HIS will.. What an encouragement you are to this generation. I have lost both your email and phone# to reach you... have a question.. Could you or do you know of someone who could use some un-used ACE Paces ranging from grade 2-7th? Also have used if anyone is interested in erasing.. We are switching completely out of ACE this year and I hate to just throw these in the garbage.. We also have the goal cards, star charts, stars, bible stickers, record keeping materials.. ect.. We would be happy to ship to you or someone you might know that is in need of such a thing.. You can contact me via email@

Have a Blessed Weekend.. You are on our list of missionaries we pray for! Hugs to you ladies :)

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