Friday, June 17, 2011

~Melanie's 1st Sunday with us~

Melanie Smith is a Senior in College...majoring in Missions at Union Bible College.  Her degree requires her to take 2 internships.  We feel VERY HONORED that she chose our family with whom to do her first internship!  We had only met Melanie one time (at the UBC Missionary convention last Fall) so we didn't really know her...but we are learning that she is a DEAR!  We are surely enjoying having her.  She is being a HUGE blessing.  Helping with meals, washing dishes, hanging wet clothes, folding dry ones, helping with babies, singing in the church, making cookies to pass out at church, playing her violin, greeting the church, giving devotionals to young people, helping make ministry calls, etc.  Here are some pics from her first Sunday with us!
~On Saturday Melanie and Kimberly made 136 or so Oatmeal raisin cookies to pass out at church.  (We kept some home to feed our guests for dessert for our Sunday dinner.)
~Kimberly and Melanie playing their violins and yours truly playing and singing the beautiful hymns during church.~
~Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Sarah and Gaby worshipping Jesus through song.~
~We also had 2 visitors from KS in church with us on Sunday.  They are a couple that we met in Fall 2009 while on Deputation.  They are a special couple who has adopted 9 Colombian children.  The Rimas are here in Colombia again to adopt 5 more Colombian girls!  Please pray for them as they raise these children for HIM!  Here Bro. Rima is greeting the church.~
~Melanie greeting the church people on Sunday...since some people weren't there when she greeted the church on Thursday.~
~Kimberly and Natalie teaching Sunday school!~

~Dedicating Jimmy's new little niece, Stephanie.~

~Kimberly passing out the cookies after church.~
~We were sooooo HAPPY to see our dear friends Felipe and Paula again.  Here Felipe is holding baby Mary.~
~The Rimas and Felipe and Paula came over for Skyline chili.  I had made this especially for Bro. Jimmy and his family for we had invited them over for Sunday dinner too.  (Bro. Jimmy LOVES Skyline!)   But then, dear Sis. Farly was VERY SICK and they couldn't come! =(

~Felipe, Paula, Kimberly and Melanie.  It was so nice that Melanie could speak Spanish as well.  The 4 of them had a nice time visiting together.~

We had a good Lord's day!  Coming soon...a post of Melanie and our family's visit to the school kids in Paraiso.


lila said...

Love your posts! They are so interesting and always uplifting! I'm sure Melanie has never met a family like you all and she will be eternally grateful she chose to visit you. So happy you have been able to post frequet! love you tons

Jana said...

How neat to see/hear about the Rima's-- they live just a few miles from us. I had just talked to her a week or so ago and asked if they were going to be meeting up w/ ya'll. She assured me they were. :-) They have a lovely family here, I can't wait to meet their new children!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Kim M. said...

What a great blessing for you to have some help!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, these last many posts are absolutely stunning and interesting! And, Mary's picture at the top of your blog is BEAUTIFUL!
Your little family reminds me of a colony of ants getting ready for the winter months. You're all making hay while the sun shines! Smile.
You are incorporating the words of this song into your daily life...
"Work for the night is coming,
When man works no more."
Love, Mom D

mmsbryan said...

Just returned from being with Natasha at her graduation. It was a neat service for Home Schoolers, we are looking forward to seeing her posts as we had to leave as soon as she was awarded her diploma, for Daddy to make it back home in time for today's services.

What a blessing the Rimas are being to those children. So neat that you could meet them and connect in Colombia. I know the nine sibblings are eager awaiting to meet their new ones. What a house full!

So glad to read of all your help at such a busy time. May God bless your efforts of using your home to touch lives. So glad that Melaine can be with you to help. She has a wonderful family serving the summer in Boloivia where she grew up and got lots of practice serving there with them. I will admit that when I read of all you are doing I get a bit out of breath.

Your post about your Daddy's and the Daddy of your children is very sweet. I love you, Moma

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