Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Daddy and Moma!!!~

On a rather warm day in June...June 30th, parents, Edgar and Martha Bryan were married (at the young age of 18!) CONGRATULATIONS...Daddy and Moma! Thank you for staying faithful to God and to each other!
(We kids knew that we wouldn't be able to be together on their anniversary (for our family would be here in Colombia and Andrew and family would be in AK!) so we celebrated back in Jan. 2011.
Janie E. took these fun family pics for us. Enjoy!
~These are the very steps in the girls dorm at God's Bible School where Daddy would meet Moma for their dates...way back when. =)~
~We love you, Daddy and Moma, and think y'all are the BEST!~
~Moma still flirts with Daddy...and most of the time gets her way. ;-)~
~I love this picture...for if you know my Daddy, he has a neat contagious laugh!~
~Daddy and Moma's oldest son and family.  Andrew, Vonnie, Heidi, Kate, Drew, Grant, Taylor and Tyler from AK.~
~Their next son and family.  Lincoln, Lyn, Keith and Kelsea from VA.~
~Their oldest Daughter and family.  Laura, Daryl, Natasha, Brittany, Darla, and Bryan from OH.~
~Me...the baby of the family...Heather, Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary from OH, COL., ARG. everywhere. =)~

~Daddy asked Moma to marry him in the room of the window above their head.  This used to be an apartment building but it is now the Taft Museum in Cinci, OH.~
~Gramp and his 8 grandsons in the girl's dorm parlor at God's Bible School.~
~Gram and her 9 granddaughters.~
~L to R: Vonnie, Andrew, Laura, Daryl, Lyn, Lincoln, Moma and Daddy, Heather and Phillip.~
 ~This was a fun pose! =)~
 ~Daddy and Moma with their original 4 children.~
 ~What a fun picture.~
We are standing in birth order in front of the William Howard Taft Museum where Daddy proposed to Moma. (I left this one big so you can double click on it to zoom it closer.)
Daddy and Moma,
Though we are SAD that we cannot be with y'all on your SPECIAL day...
Our family is sending LOTS of LOVE, BEST WISHES, and HUGS your way!


lila said...

Happy Anniversary to our dear dear friends. Love all the pics. Got to see the book that was put together with their 50th ann. pics and enjoyed it very much. They are very special people in our lives and we cherish their friendship. love you all tons

Daryl Hausman said...

I didn't read your post, til I'd made my own post! I found it quite interesting how similar they are!
love ya lots,

mmsbryan said...

Thank you for the good post and kind words. Daddy and I have had a wonderful day together on our fiftieth . . . GOOD NIGHT! ;-)

dorcas said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your family. BTW, I think your Daddy wins the prize on the kissing pic! So sweet!

Ronda said...

Happy Golden Anniversary to your dear parents...They are such a beautiful couple and are very special people to us! Enjoyed all of the pics of your lovely family! :)

Janie said...

Happy Aniversary to your parents! You are surely blessed!

Kimberly said...

enjoyed the nice pics! (your Mom's suit is so pretty) Happy Anniversary to your dear parents on this important milestone!

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