Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~"Christmas in June"~

~Sweet Melanie was so thoughtful and bought gifts for us and brought them with her!  Here are our "Christmas in June" gift bags from her...waiting for us to open them.~

~Who wants to eat a snack when one has a gift to open?  Our younger kids were about to DIE and probably got indigestion eating our snack...for they COULDN'T WAIT to open their gifts from "Miss Melanie". =)~
~Our snack...No-bake cookies, and my homemade tortillas and homemade salsa...with some VERY DELICIOUS CHEDDAR CHEESE that Melanie's grandparents sent to us!  THANK YOU TONS...we are enjoying every bite!!~
~Elijah opening and LOVING his gifts from Miss Melanie.~
~One HAPPY NOAH, Sarah, and Elijah with their gifts.~
~Kimberly and I showing baby Mary her gifts from Melanie.~
~I got a neat cookbook...which I cannot wait to look through.  I also got some pimentos to make pimento cheese sandwiches with our yummy cheese she brought.~
~Phillip going through the suitcase that my parents and my sister Laura packed for us.  Melanie was so gracious and brought a suitcase to us.  This included PACES for our kids for next year, (they were THRILLED ;-), gifts from my parents, mail, things from our home in the US that we forgot, etc.  What fun to open and dig through that suitcase!~
~5 "burnt lobsters"!  4 of them holding treats that Gram had sent them.=)~
~Mary with her treat of yogurt covered raisins.  Aren't "Grams" the best?~
We LOVED our "Christmas in June!"  A BIG THANK YOU to Melanie, Melanie's grandparents, my parents and sister and family for thinking of us!!


Daryl Hausman said...

I took a minute to see what was new on your blog and it was SO FUN Catching up! Love you lots and lots!
Give everyone a squeeze from us!
Love ya,

mmsbryan said...

Your Chirstmas looked wonderful and I know how you will enjoy that cheddar cheese and the pimentos. But this Gram wants to make sure those babies have some aloe vera to put on their lobster faces. That poor Baby Mary looks so bad. If she want to stay up all night that is the reason and I want you to just hold her! ;') I know that you are thinking right now that I used to worry about you w-e-l-l you shouldn't have had such sweet children and you could still be number one. Just kidding I hope you both get some rest. Love, Moma

lila said...

Love, love, love all the pics. Can't tell you how happy I am for you all. I just wish I could still spoil you like I did in Phx. It was fun while it lasted. That was sweet of Mel and all that sent you Christmas in June. love you tons

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