Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~Father's Day...No water?...Water, Water EVERYWHERE!~

~On Saturday a couple from our church (Edgar and Joanna) came over for supper and we took her maternity pics. We had a really nice time and Jesus helped the pics to turn out nicely. (I'll post these later!) After they left Saturday evening, Phillip and I had to run to get some things from a store. When we came back...we found that Elijah had "Washed his hair" in BABY LOTION!! ={~

~Phillip's Father's day cake that we made.~

~At 7:00 AM on Father's Day Morning...our water went OFF!!  Thankfully most of us were already bathed for church by that time.  We finished getting ready and went to church.  We had a good service.  They had all of us who had had an anniversary or a birthday to come up front.  Here Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly are praying for us, and then they sang "Happy Birthday/Ann." to us.  =)~
~Jesus really helped Bro. Jimmy and he preached a wonderful Sermon about Abraham's example as a Godly father!~
~Phillip and Bro. Jimmy praying for the Fathers. (several were missing.)~
~When we got home...WE STILL HAD NO WATER...so Kimberly and Melanie switched from making a yummy green salad to just slicing avacados.  Phillip fried the green beans for us, and I made biscuits. 
Here's a pic of our kids' wonderful Daddy!! =)~

~Here is the small container of water that we had to live on.  Kimberly ran and asked the guards why there was no water and they said the MAIN PIPE was damaged so we wouldn't get water until the next day.  It ended up being 31 HOURS without water...in a house full of 8 people...with no warning...and hardly any back-up water!~
~We tied our cloth napkins into a "tie" and had fun little "tie place cards" as well on our Father's day table.~

~Sarah took our picture around the table. (Elijah had awakened VERY early that morning, so was already taking a nap...and Mary was sitting in her bouncy seat and didn't get in the picture. =(~
~Sunday night we looked out our window to see a LINE of people holding buckets and containers trying to get water from somewhere.  We never did find out where they got water.~
~Monday morning we got the word that a WATER TRUCK was supposed to come at 10:00 AM so there was a HUGE line of people in front of our house with every kind of container imaginable...waiting for water. (The line of people got much longer after I took this picture.  It ended up going around the corner.)  I didn't have much confidence that the truck would arrive on time...and sure enough when we left our house at 11:30 or so he still wasn't here. ~
~We decided since Melanie only has about 18 days left with us, and since we didn't have any water to do the things that we needed to do at home...that we would go shopping for some gifts for Melanie and her family!  Here we are at a restaurant at a market.  There is an older lady that is our friend...that has a restaurant in this market so when we are there we like to eat at her restaurant.  We all ate for about $12.00!~
~Then later after some shopping we wanted Melanie to get to try one of Colombia's very popular fruit salads with icecream!  Yummy!~

~Here recently...Elijah has been praying to RIDE ON A LION!  I had been quietly asking God NOT to answer his prayers...until I realized that it was a lion in a mall that has wheels!  =)  So, Jesus answered his prayers and he got to ride on one! =)~
~When we came back to our house that evening...we asked the guards if there was water.  When she said, "Yes!"  We said, "Praise the Lord!"  (It had come on about 2:00 PM Monday afternoon!)   
When Phillip unlocked our door and stepped inside he said, "Yes! There's water...our house is FLOODED!!  Evidently after not having water for 31 hours...and with 7 of us constantly "TRYING TO SEE IF THERE WERE WATER" one of us accidently left the tap on in the kitchen sink...which was full of dirty dishes!  There was water covering our kitchen floor and it had run into our dinning room and living room!!  It was a tad overwhelming to say the least...but Phillip and I put everyone on the stairs and started sweeping water out the door.~

~We later Thanked God that it wasn't one of the UPSTAIRS taps that got left open...and I bowed my head and prayed for those who really know what A FLOODED HOUSE IS...in Alabama, LA, Mississippi, etc. We also thanked the Lord that we had put plastic down on our living room and dinning room floors.  After we finally got things cleaned up and fans drying out the carpet...Melanie, Kimberly, and I washed up all the dishes, we ate a snack and went to bed.  Happy to have water!  =)~
Paraiso school post coming soon!  Please pray for Melanie as she has to give a devotional to our church on Thursday night.


mmsbryan said...

What a post! I don't think anyone of us wants to change places with you. I do remember the time Daddy was in LA to give a candidate message and something happened to the pump and there was no water in the guest house and we did not know who to call. We got ready from the water in the back of the commode. Things must have not been too bad for the church graciously called Daddy to be their pastor and we were there for four wonderful years! Perhaps you were just getting your missionary training. We could not know then, that our 12 year old, whom Daddy affectionally called "blondy" would someday need all the training that she could get! Sounds like you learned well. Love, Moma

Dorcas said...

Oh, my!! No water and then you're flooded!! That's terrible, but so glad you were able to get it cleaned up.

Daryl Hausman said...

There's one thing about it, Poor Melanie is getting her "missionary training" in Royal style, huh?! Since she's already an MK I'm sure that she's just taking it in stride as pretty much all MK's learn to do! Bless your hearts! Happy Father's Day, Phillip! We love you all, Laura and family

lila said...

Love Laura's quote " missionary trainging in Royal Style". It most certainly is, all but the flooding. lol. Little Elijah, what a child. love you all tons

.......... said...

Oh the adventures you guys have! Wow, my mom always said serving the Lord was the most exciting life one could imagine. She was right! Blessings to you all, Carla

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