Sunday, June 5, 2011

~Our "Royal Wedding"~

(I scanned these photos and I DO NOT know what I'm excuse them if they are blurry!=)
Exactly 16 years ago tomorrow...My sweetheart and I wed!   It was:
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish, Argentina...or where ever God calls us =)
'Till death do us part."
~My Bridal Portrait...~ (Excuse the slightly stained travels with me where ever I go!=) (My sister and I were DELIGHTED to find this beautiful EXPENSIVE wedding gown marked down to a mere $230.00!  It was a demo it had a broken zipper, had Coke spilled down the front, and was too big for us! My Mother put tiny buttons all the way down the back, took it in to fit us, and we had it cleaned!  Laura wore it in 1990 and I wore it in 1995! =)
~The day I married my very Best Friend!!~
I have enjoyed every day of our married lives with my sweetheart and am looking forward to LOTS more! =)
~Driving off into our "Happily Ever After".~

Happy Anniversary, Phillip!  Hurry home from Peru!  I love are the man of my dreams! 


Jeanne said...

Happy Anniversary!
The pictures are beautiful!!

lila said...

Happy Anniversary to the neatest couple I know. You have made a big impact on my honey and I. Love the pics and it truly looks like a royal wedding. love you tons. Hope your Prince arrives soon.

Nina said...


What a beautiful family! Yesterday I attended your mother's family reunion and she gave me your blog address and a picture of your family. I am Jimmy Belcher's daughter. (Dad's mother was Opal, your grandmother's sister who was married to Alec Belcher.) Your mom said to be sure that I mentioned that my dad is her "favorite" cousin! ;) They are only a few months apart in age and spent much time together in Alcoa.

What an inspiration your parents and your family is to mine! I will look forward to following your blog and remembering you and your family in our prayers as you do the Lord's work in Colombia and Argentina.

I so loved your post about the bread and have enjoyed all the pictures. Your children are precious!

Thank you for sharing your journey,
Nina Moore

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Phillip and your wedding was the most gorgeous wedding I had ever attended in my life. I stood in absolute awe of it all. What a special mother you have that she was able to pull off 'the wedding of the century' for you two! Smile.
And of course, the marriages of both our sons to the very best girls in the world were my two favorite weddings.
I am grateful for the beautiful mothers our grandchildren are favored to have.
Jesus has been so good to our family.
Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet Sweet Couple! Many happy memories of your special day! Time Sure flies... 16 years! Wow! Congratulations, praying too for the safe arrival of your man home to you today!
much love to you,
Your sister, Laura

The Dickinsons said...

Dear "Cousin Nina",
Thank you so much for your nice comment! Moma called me last night and told me that you might be commenting on my blog. I loved hearing from you! Yes, I grew up hearing stories about Moma and your Dad being best cousins and playing together a lot. =) How fun!
Thank you VERY MUCH for your thoughts and prayers for our family!
Have a super day! Would love to meet you some time!
~Heather~ =)

The Dickinsons said...

Dear, dear Sweetheart Heather,

How I miss you. I love you much the day I married you. I love you much much more today. I love our children God has blessed us with. Sorry we are not together on our special day today.


mmsbryan said...

Congratulations children! The pictures reminded me of a lovely day, a lovely bride and a handsome groom. The horse and carriage was such a special gift from Mr. Quivey. I WAS SURPRISED THAT NONE OF THE FIVE LITTLE DICKINSONS WERE PICTURED OF THAT SPECIAL DAY! HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU NOT HAVE NOT HAVE PICTURED THEM. ;-)
It was so nice that you and Nina could "meet" on your blog and that she took time to comment. Maybe someday as you suggested you can meet in person. Love, Moma said...

Marriage is a wonderful thing!
Marriage is a wonderful thing.
Its foundation stones were Divinely laid;
It’s not an institution man has made.
Marriage is a wonderful thing.
It’s to be fruitful and to be multiplied;
That the Triune God may be glorified.
Marriage is a wonderful thing.
- eab said...

It may interest you that this was written in March.
Happy for your years and kiddos together. Love you ALL so much. Dad

Brittany said...

A very happy anniversary to you! I love your wedding pics - what a special wedding dress, so neat that you and your sister shared the same one :)

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