Wednesday, August 1, 2007

~Music lessons and My new music stand~

Some pictures of the girl's violin lessons. We are soooo happy with this teacher, she is a gift from God. She was telling us that she learned to play the violin when she was 20! I always thought that you couldn't learn past 10 or 12 or so, but she has a passion for her violin, for pretty music, and plays beautifully!! Both she and her husband play the violin and piano! They both play in a Mariachi band.

She is a GREAT, patient teacher, and makes the girl's lessons FUN!! Praise the Lord!

I love it that the violin and piano are both written in the same key, for that will enhance their sight-reading for the piano. It's our desire, that our girls be able to play the piano well, to be able to help any church that might need them their Mommy is now playing the piano for our churches here in Colombia! ~Phillip snapped this picture of Mommy giving Sarah a piano lesson. Look at her little feet crossed under the chair! =)~

My piano didn't come with a place to put your music, and with the girl's violin and piano lessons, we needed something. So, we contacted our friend Carlos (who deals in selling musical instruments, accercories, etc.) and told him that we really needed a music stand, and asked him where could we get one. We told him that we'd like one that is QUALITY, that is not flimsy! Carlos assured us that he would find us a good one that we would like! When he pulled up, and pulled the box out of the trunk, Phillip noticed that he acted like the box weighed A LOT! So, Phillip grabbed the box from him, and IT DID WEIGH A LOT!! When we came into the house, and Carlos took it out of the box, it was H-U-G-E!!! It is the BIGGEST Music stand that we, or our violin teacher have ever laid our eyes on! Bro. Wolf (the GREAT director of the GREAT GBS choir and band) doesn't even have a stand this wide. It's almost doubly wide of the ones that I'm used to seeing. I'm sure Bro. Wolf could put one this wide to really good use! =D We're happy with our new stand, for it will nearly hold all the books that we own for the piano and violin, at the same time. =) When Sarah stands behind this, playing her violin, all you see is the bow going up in the air. HEE! HEE!


Vonnie said...

Very nice music stand. Wonderful that you can get a great music teacher that you really like!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, PTL for you GOOD, FUN violin teacher. HE CARES ABOUT EACH AND EVERY DETAIL OF OUR LIVES!!! Great huge stand... you had me laughing so hard with your description of the thing... you're crazy! I love you OH GREAT SISTER in COLUMBIA... love you MUCH... Laura in Romania

Beth Dickinson said...

I can't wait to hear you both on the violin. I'm sure when you come back you will be playing it very well. We love you and miss you all very much
Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael and Lil Isaiah

The Going Blog said...

Be careful what you ask for :) I don't suppose you will be taking that to your churches. Yours is the envy of all those music teachers out there. ha

Cindy said...

Hey, Heather! So interesting to read your updates. Love the pics of your new music stand, and the girls with their violins. Just want you to know that I'm proud of you...for all that you do to serve Jesus. I'm glad I had the privilege of attending good ole GBS with you. And 4th floor, for that matter.
Take care girl, and God bless.

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