Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Father-in-law in the World!

~A nice picture of Dad and Mom D.--Feb. 2007!~
Happy Birthday Dad D. I remember meeting you and greeting you almost daily on the campus of GBS for 2 weeks or more, before I even knew Phillip. I also remember that after Phillip and I started dating, you teased me that I had known that you had a son my age, and was trying to win him through being friendly to you. =D However I won him, I'm glad I did...for I love him with my whole heart and am VERY THANKFUL for him and for y'all, his family too! I love you and Mom TONS (Michael, Beth and Isaiah too)!! I couldn't have better in-laws! Thanks for loving me like your very own daughter! We love and miss you tons, and hope that you have a GREAT day! ~Another nice picture of Dad and Mom, taken June, 2007 in their back yard in AZ!~


Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday to the Best Father-in-law in the world. we hope you had a great day.

Love you
Beth, Michael and Isaiah

sankey family said...

Happy Birthday, Bro. Dickinson!

Phillip D said...

Dear Dad,

We love you dearly. You continue to inspire me to want to be more and more like you. A son couldn't ask for or receive a better dad.

With much love,

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo right Heather that God has blessed you with the best for your "other parents" Happy Birthday, Dad Dickinson and as far as all the nice things I could say about you and truthfully so, I can just hear you say, "mention it". :-) We do love you, The Edgar A. Bryans

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Bud!
We love you!
The Eisenharts

Vonnie said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Dickinson!!

Steve & Angela said...

Happy Birthday Bro.Dickinson :)

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