Friday, August 31, 2007

~Lady Bug appetizers~

~This is my friend Misty's "lady bugs"! A picture of mine are below, but they don't look the same, for I can't get some of the ingredients here!~
I thought this was a cute party favor idea!
Ladybug Appetizers From Quick Cooking Cherry tomato quarters form the wings of these adorable little ladybugs dreamed up by our Test Kitchen. The delightful creatures are perched on crunchy crackers spread with a seasoned cream cheese mixture.
2 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons sour cream
Black paste food coloring
1/2 teaspoon snipped chives
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon minced fresh parsley
36 butter-flavored crackers
18 cherry tomatoes, quartered
18 large pitted ripe olives
72 fresh chive pieces (about 1-1/2 inches long)
PREP 30 min.
TOTAL 30 min.
In a small mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. Remove 1 tablespoon to a small bowl and tint black. Place tinted cream cheese mixture in a small plastic bag; set aside.
Add the chives, garlic salt and parsley to the remaining cream cheese mixture. Spread over crackers. Arrange two tomato quarters on each for the ladybug wings.
For heads, halve the olives widthwise; place one half on each cracker. Insert two chives into olives for antennae. Use tinted cream cheese mixture to pipe spots onto wings. Yield: 3 dozen.
~Since I can't find Cherry tomatoes here, I had to use bigger tomates, and so I couldn't use small crackers, but used med. sized circles of toasted bread. The black spots that I used were PAPAYA SEEDS! =) And the "BLACK" olives here are "PURPLE"! It was fun at least trying to make the "Lady Bugs", with what I can get here. =)~
Thursday night, on our way to our church service, we took a taxi. BUT, the taxi driver decided that he WAS NOT GOING to take us all the way to that Poor area of Bogota, so he just dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, and we still had about 3 miles to go to church (and half of it was up the mountain). There was no way we could walk it with Bro. Edwards so we started walking, but were happy to hear a bus coming behind us. We waved at him to stop...AND HE JUST SAILED ON PAST US!! =( So, finally a few minutes later another bus came and took us to our church and we arrived 20 mins. late. PLEASE HELP US PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL SEND US TAXI DRIVERS THAT WILL TAKE US ALL THE WAY TO OUR CHURCHES. THIS HAPPENS A LOT WITH THEM NOT WANTING TO GO AND LETTING US OUT TO FIND ANOTHER WAY, AND IT IS FRUSTRATING. HERE THEY ARE COLOMBIANS AND ARE SCARED TO GO TO THE AREAS OF OUR CHURCHES, AND WE AMERICANS GO THERE 3 TIMES EACH WEEK! THANKS FOR PRAYING! PLEASE ALSO PRAY FOR OUR FRIEND, BRO. EDWARDS, WHO IS VISITING US! HE'S 83 AND ALMOST 84, AND IS FEELING REALLY WEAK, AND SLEEPY! WE THINK IT'S DUE TO THE HIGH ALTITUDE HERE, BOGOTA IS 9,000 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, SO MANY VISITORS HAVE TROUBLE WITH THAT. PLEASE JUST PRAY THAT GOD WILL STRENGTHEN AND TOUCH HIM! HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE FOR 2 MORE WEEK! THANKS!! (HE IS FEELING SOME BETTER TODAY, THANK THE LORD AND THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!)


Roseanne said...

I love the ladybugs. How cute, I will try them some day. We will pray for Bro Edwards.

Eileen said...

Hey Heather so adorable. I little things like that. So neat. Thanks for sharing. We will be praying for your friend Bro. Edwards. Also would you please pray for me. I am leaving Wednesday from Florida, my grandsons, and daughter. It is going to be really hard. For I have been here since May 31st. Yet I do need to get home, I have a husband and family back home that also need my attention. Ruth will be alone with the boys for a couple of weeks and so she is going to need our prayers too. Though it has worked out so she is out of work in time to get the boys from school and we praise the Lord for that. So if you have time and remember, please pray for us. Thank you. As I will be also praying for you. Love & Prayers, Eileen

Liz said...

How cute and tasty looking! I can't wait to try them...

Misty said...


They turned out great! Glad you liked it :-) We will be praying for Bro. Edwards.

Vonnie said...

Sorry Bro. Edwards isn't feeling well. I'd say the altitude has alot to do with it. I'll be praying for him!!

Beth Dickinson said...

That is SOOO CUTE!!!

you come up with everything ;-)


Liz said...

Heather, I commented about the Pheel thing on my site...!

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