Wednesday, August 8, 2007

~Kimberly's Komments!~

My family and I were talking at the table, and Sarah said that she would like something more fun in church. I said, "I could teach Sunday school" and my parents agreed. So, I began to prepare stories, crafts, songs, etc. I'm so excited to be doing something more for Jesus. This Sunday was my first Sunday to teach, and Jesus helped me! There were 5 children in my class. Two of them were older than me, and one of them kept calling me "Teacher", and "Mam!" I told her that I'm still a kid, and not a lady, so to please just call me "Kimberly"! =) Please pray for my Sunday school class and for me, as I try to teach them. Thanks!
~My Mommy took this picture of me getting ready to teach Sunday school!~

~Us, getting the Sunday school room ready!~

~Us singing out of the Spanish chorus book that my parents put together. The church kids LOVE to sing songs out of this book!~

~Us doing our crafts!~

~My Daddy picked up this little girl while he was preaching. She was being a little fussy for her sister, so he picked her up and kept on preaching. She didn't mind him picking her up, and when he put her down a few minutes later, she was happier. It was cute! =)~

~Our friend, Jonathan came to church with us Sunday morning, and then stayed for Mommy's yummy Sunday dinner!~

~Mommy made Broccoli/Chicken soup, homemade rolls (with her homemade Strawberry Freezer jam =), fried platano, homemade grape juice to drink, and then this Strawberry shortcake for dessert! YUM!~

~On Monday Mommy made a "Ritz Cracker Pie". She got the recipe from her cousin/friend Jana Burley. Our family enjoyed the pie.~



Jana said...

Hey Heather--Neat to see that you tried the Ritz Pie. I am anxious to try your roll recipe some day soon. I love to try new things. :-)

Kimberly--What a wonderful experience to already be teaching Sunday School!!! :-) My girls love seeing pictures of you and your brother & sister. :-)

Roseanne said...

Wow Kimberly, I am very impressed that you are teaching already. Jesus has blessed you with such wonderful talents and I am so glad you are using them for Him. You are growing up so fast. And by the way, I think your outfit in these pictures is so cute. What a pretty skirt. Tell your mommy, that her strawberry shortcake looks good enough to eat right off the computer screen. She makes it look like its made by a professional bakary shop, or by "Taste of home" doesn't she. Love you, and miss you. Good job on your post.

Emily Pilmore said...

That is so cool that you are teaching Sunday School!!! The pictures are great!!! The pictures of the food looks great!!! We love you all!!!
Emily Pilmore

Beth Dickinson said...

I'm proud of you Kimbery.;-) Keep up the good work over there. We miss you and love you ALL!!

Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael and Baby Isaiah

Michelle said...

Kimberly, That is awesome!!!! I will be praying for you and your Sunday School class! God will use you mightily as you live for Him! We LOVE you guys. Michelle J

Les said...

What a mature and wonderful decision you made to help your parents teach more people about Jesus!

Sherry L said...

This Sunday School story is so beautiful. We love it! You are our wonderful & sweet family. Grandma & Grandpa Dickinson

Gayle said...

Great Job Kimberly! You sure are a wonderful help to your Mom and Dad.
The desserts look Yummy!

Vonnie said...

That is awesome that you are teaching SS. Spanish must come so easily to you now. That is very neat!!!

Misty said...

Kimberly, that is great that you are teaching Sunday school. Serving Jesus is a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kimberly,
Natasha and Brittany "teach" S.S. each week to their younger siblings but it is great that you can teach in Spanish to your peers! May Jesus bless and help your efforts and use them for His glory! We ARE PRAYING for your G.G. since she is OURS TOO. God is able. we love you much, Love Aunt Laura in Romania

sankey family said...

Dear Kimberly,
I am so excited for "us" and our new Sunday School classes in Spanish! (also a little ashamed at the years that separate our ages...ahem) ....check my last blog post for more details...Anyway, what do you think of this idea - a prayer pledge to each other? I'll make a covenant with you to pray for you each Sunday morning before I go to church that God will help you teach Sunday School to your students; if you would be willing to pray for me either each Sunday or some other time if that works better for you. I would certainly appreciate you praying for me. Let me know what you think.
Have a good day!
Melodie in Salamanca

~Heather~ said...

Dearest Mrs. Melodie,
I think your idea to pray for each other's Sunday School class is a GREAT idea! We'll try to pray for your class every Sunday morning, and Thank you for your prayers for mine.

Love, Kimberly! =)

Kim M. said...


I always enjoy reading your posts. That is wonderful that you are starting your own class! God will use you and you can be a big blessing to those children.

I love Melodie's idea of Sunday school classes to pray for each other. I have a preschool S.S. class and I would like to start praying for your class too.

Tell your Mom that her food looks really good!

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