Sunday, September 2, 2007

~Happy Birthday, Phillip!~

My sweetheart turns 34 on Sep.3rd. I always wanted a man taller than me, and OLDER than me too. (It makes me feel secure that way! =) Phillip is definitely taller than me, and IS OLDER THAN ME...just barely...only 2 months and 3 days! =) I'm sooo glad that God brought this dear man into my life! He is a very Godly man, loves the Lord with all of His heart. He is a praying man, and prays for his family, our supporters, our works here, and much more daily. He is a man of the Bible and is reading it through 2 times this year. But...he is also a MAJOR FAMILY man and I and our children are next in line after God. He takes time to have family devotions and CARES for our souls, and once a week we have a family day, taking the kids to the park, flying the kite with them, going to McDonalds, etc. He loves me with his whole heart and treats me like a Queen! He's got a great sense of humor and our family never has a dull moment. Phillip and I are BEST FRIENDS and couldn't live without each other. OH, AND DID I MENTION THAT ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, HE'S NICE LOOKING TOO?!! =D

In 1992 God brought Phillip into my life,
and 3 years later, I became his wife. YEA! =D
It's been 15 years since our first date!=)
And our 12 years of marriage have been great!

I could never have chosen a better man,
And I'd say "YES"!!!! all over again!
Phillip is: my "pastor", Father of my children, MY VERY BEST FRIEND,
And our life together will get better and better until the end.

We meant it when we said, "Till Death do us part",
We truly gave each other all of our Heart!
And with God as the HEAD of our home, then Phillip too,
Life couldn't be better, or happier, I'm telling you! =)

So, Phillip, I want to say, Thanks for being Y-O-U...
You are the best man in the world, and are TRUE BLUE!
I love you more than words can say,
And I trust that you have a GREAT Birthday!
~Phillip and I in front of our language school in Costa Rica, where we studied Spanish for one year! Oct. 2005~


Sherry L said...

Happy Birthday, Phillip! We love you. Keep working for and looking to Jesus. Dad & Mom Dickinson

Steve & Angela said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILLIP.. You are a pretty neat guy I will agree with that :) I remember visiting GBS with my grandma and Dan Simmons one summer and I guess it was early on in your alls dating years and I remember going upstaris into phillips room all of us did and he showed us a drawing he was making for THIS GIRL HE LIKED out of pencil.. WOW that was along time ago I Well hope your day is good and Congrads on the older and what a blessing you are for serving God and loving your family and friends ..


Steve & Angela said...

and sorry for the typos my keyboard is major not agreeing with me and heather ur a neat chick to :) HUGS

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phillip, I'm sure your wife and children made it a special day!
May God Richly Bless & Keep you all.
Linda & Bernard Hudson

Monte & Amy said...

happy birthday
love monte, amy and children

Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday day Phillip. I agree with everything Heather said except. I think Michael is the best guy in the But I'm glad Heather thinks you are.
;-) We miss you all very much.

Beth, Michael and Isaiah

Beth Dickinson said...


Michael said Happy Birthday also. He will not post so I have to do it for

Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday to your husband, even though we do not know him! THat was a sweet posting and poem you wrote for him!! Have a great day!!!

Martha C said...

Happy birthday, Phillip. The world needs more Godly men such as yourself!
Heather, I love to read of your devotion to your husband/family. It is very encouraging!

Liz said...

Happy Birth day phillip! Sweet post heather!

Susanna Pilmore said...

Happy Birthday Phillip!!! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you!!! You all are so special to us!! We can't wait until you come home to see us!! Maybe we can have a belated party then!!!

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday, Phillip. We're glad Heather picked you!! You're an awesome bro-in-law.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!

Roseanne said...

Happy birthday Phillip, wish we could celabrate with you. Keep up the great work you are doing.
David and Roseanne

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