Monday, December 31, 2012

~Our MERRY Christmas! =) ~

~My main Christmas gift is setting in our USA house.  2 different people gave us Christmas money and told us to spend it on ourselves!  So, Phillip added some money with it and got me a dishwasher for our USA house.  YEA!
Our kids won't know what to do with a dishwasher, since we have WASHED EVERY DISH BY HAND since 2004! =D

Since we are fixin' to have to:
Give away,
Pack up to take home to the USA,
or Pack up to store (to take back later) Every. Single. Thing. In. our. House. here. ...we didn't give our kids large gifts for Christmas.
These 3 little boxes are "Nerd" candy boxes that have "I OWE YOU's" in them for Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah.  Some things we plan to buy them when we are back in the USA.  =)~
~Not sure which one of our kids took this picture, but thought it was cute.  Some socks stuffed with goodies ready to be opened Christmas morning.~
~Elijah and Mary enjoying some of their candy.~
~I took my 3 tiered dish that Phillip made me long ago, and added things to it to make it a "Christmas tree" centerpiece for our Christmas table.~
~I found fun paper plates and napkins to use for Christmas day.~
~My other gift from Phillip this year was these fun Glass glasses with Christmas trees all over them.  They came free if you bought a Colombian brand Pop.  We don't drink much pop/coke so we are enjoying our glasses and giving most of the pop away. =)  It's a fun Colombian souvenir.~

~Then after breakfast we did "What God wants for Christmas" that the Beckers got us in 2006.  It is a neat devotional/activity with a story book with it.  It has several gift boxes and each have a figurine in them.  Each person in the family takes a gift box and describes that person that's inside their box, and their part in the Christmas story.  An angel, Shepherd, Wiseman, Mary, etc.  The last gift box tells you what GOD wants for Christmas, and it has a mirror.
In other words He wants US...YOU AND ME...for Christmas and all year long too!~

~Elijah looking in the mirror in box 7.~

~Then we had a nice little time of prayer together.  I couldn't resist snapping this pic of Mary and Elijah kneeling and praying. ~
~My Sweetheart and I sitting below the "Mistle Toe."   Thank you, Daddy and Moma for the Mistle Toe and for my fun white blouse you gave me earlier this year.  I enjoyed wearing it for Christmas!~
~Mary didn't go shopping for her brothers and sisters...she just gave them COLD CASH! =)
(It's not often that you see 1,000 & 2,000 dollar bills on your Christmas tree. =D  The 1,000 pesos is worth around .50 & the 2,000 around $1.00!)~
~Elijah opening a gift.~
~Phillip sitting in the corner sipping his Argentine Mate.  Our family is about 4 cultures mixed together.  American, Costa Rican, Colombian, and Argentinan.  (and even more cultures when you count all the different states that Phillip and I grew up in.  TN, AK, IN, LA, SC, SD, OH, AZ, MI, etc.  =)
Phillip only wanted one thing for Christmas...which I'll show you later.~
~Kimberly got cash from her brothers and sisters.~
~"Nurse Sarah" showing Mary how to use her new doctor's kit that Sarah got for her.~
~Elijah got me a yummy box of chocolates!~
~Elijah, Mary, and Noah with their sock monkeys.~
~Mary got a little baby boy doll THAT'S BIGGER THAN SHE IS... that laughs.  It's funny.~
~Mary with her doll and C.H.E.A.P. stroller that will hopefully last these last 2 1/2 months or so that we are in Colombia. =)~
~Sarah got a neat doll that cries real tears after you feed her with a bottle.  She's wanted this doll for a long time.~
~The Hausmans and my parents, and my brother Lincoln all called to wish us a Merry Christmas.  It was fun hearing from/talking to them.
Then in the evening Kimberly and I whipped up some MOCHA LATTE to enjoy as a family...!~
~And we just relaxed.  (I so enjoy my fun Christmasy furry socks that the Beckers got me. =)~
~Silly Phillip came up and joined me for a "feet picture" too.  =D  These shoes were what he wanted for Christmas.
You see, his feet hurt him a lot due to working on/jumping and landing on HARD concrete floors at his RPS/UPS jobs back in college.  He was a hustler and worked very fast, but it cost him!
So after hearing/reading LOTS of good comments about 5 finger shoes, he decided that would be his Christmas present.  HE LOVES THEM!  He's a wall-flower, and doesn't often wear things that stand out or are different, but these help his feet so much, that he doesn't care.  He says that they are extremely comfortable and feels like he's going barefooted. =) ~
~Noah flying his helicopter from Elijah.~
Wishing each of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
May we draw even close to Jesus in 2013 than we did in 2012!


RicKaren said...

What fun Christmas pictures! I love the skirt you made for Mary and the pj's with the little road are darling!!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy New Year to ya'll! S'Novom Godom! (Russian!) We understand a tad about being multicultural... but that makes us more well-rounded folks, don't ya think?! We do! =) Love you all and miss you TONS... that is my prayer that I'll make each and every moment count for Eternity's Sake in 2013 and for as long as He lends me breath! Love you so much, Laura

mmsbryan said...

Good evening and a blessed New Year to all. I am glad to see at least part of a post that shows the two of you relaxing and the kids just having fun not having to get ready for something special. Got to go finish my dinner for guests tomorrow! ;-) I wonder where you got always being on the go????? I am relaxing a bit with two pies cooling, I tried something different this year Pear Pie and of course I had to make the traditional apricot. All the minutes, hours, days and months of 2013 I want to count for eternity. My goal is to have an enlarged heart; loving and caring more for God and all mankind than I ever did before. May your New Year be blessed. I am so glad to read on this blog, those same goals with eternity in view of a daughter and her big sister. I love you all, Moma

mmsbryan said...

Oh yes, I forgot to say that I was glad you have enjoyed the blouse, I think it has a festive look. So glad that the mistletoe is still working. Little Mary really gives spendy gifts doesn't she. That little girl will have real culture shock when she get to her US home and has to come down to giving one dollar bills to her sibblings. Her shirt is cute and I love the doll babies. What is Christmas without dollies. Love, Moma and Gram

PS Remember when you get home you will have Christmas again in March. Love, Moma

lila said...

Very nice Christmas post!!! Your table center piece is very cute!! It is always fun to see kids with their presents!! What an amazing family you are!! Still thanking Jesus for allowing our paths to cross!! We slept the new year in. Jim had to work today. So thankful he has a job!! I too want to be a better person in 2013! It is exciting to know we are getting closer to Jesus' return!!! I want to be ready!!! Happy New Year to you all.. Love you tons

Anonymous said...

LOL, Love your and Phillips feet picture!!! And I agree that it's great to see a post with you guys just being together and relaxing!! Glad you had a good day together...and excited about your dishwater! YAY! ! :) Happy New Year to you all....maybe we will get to see you in the new yr. Love ya, Carla

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