Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~New Year's Eve~

~This morning I had a fun time reading my Bible, reading my devotional book, and reminiscing over the last 8 years since we left the USA to go and tell those in other countries about Jesus' love.

Christmas 2005 found us in Costa Rica (learning Spanish and helping the EFM churches there.)
Christmas 2006 in the USA.
(We were already missionaries to Colombia, but our Colombian visas expired on Dec. 21st and we were REQUIRED to leave Colombia for the last few days of 2006.  We couldn't come back into Colombia until 2007!
So we got to go back home and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with our Wonderful family, and DEAR CNC (Christian Nation Church) people.
Christmas 2007 In Colombia
Christmas 2008 In Colombia
Christmas 2009 in the USA on missionary deputation
Christmas 2010 in the USA for Surprise baby Mary's birth.
Christmas 2011 in Argentina
Christmas 2012 in Colombia.
It's fun to look back over the year/years and see what all God has done!
I'm going to try to read my Bible through again this year.  If you want to join me, you just have to read 3 chapters each day and 5 on Sunday, or 3.5 chapters a day.  =)
~We had a delightful New Year's Eve!  Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia (Pastor Jimmy's parents) invited us over to their house for a YUMMY meal and fun fellowship!  Their house was all decorated pretty for Christmas.
Here's their fun tree.~
~They served us ham, potatoes, bread, jello, my broccoli salad, homemade grape juice, and biscuits.  We had such a nice time!~
~The moon was so pretty that night.  Phillip took this picture.~
~Sis. Sofia made us some yummy "Tinto" (black sweetened coffee) in her fun Christmas cups.~
~Sis. Farly holding Mary.~
~Mary surprised us by snuggling up to Bro. Jaime...Her "Colombian Grandpa!"
They invited us on a picnic outside of Bogota for New Year's day. We had a BLAST!  Pics of that coming soon!


mmsbryan said...

Good Morning and a blessed New Year to you. I was happy to open my mail this morning and see that you had made a fun post. It was nice getting a peak at Jimmy and Farley's home for Christmas. I KNOW that the food was wonderful. How sweet of Mary snuggling with her Colombian "Grandpa". Glad for the memories of Christmass Past. It has been a long journey but God has been with you all the way . . . and our hearts here as we stand by and watch and pray. I love you, Moma

Brittany said...

Happy New Year to you all! I loved looking through all your Christmas pics - looks like you all have had a nice and happy Christmas =)
Mr Elijah looks so cute in his new jammies!

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy New Year to you all! Fun, pics of your time with Pastor Jimmy & Farley. I was sooo glad that they had invited ya'll over! Then it was like you were with family..."Your Colombian Family!"=)Love you all much, Laura

lila said...

Trusting you will have a great new year and looking so forward to seeing you all in the Spring!! Very nice post. What sweet folk you have there. So neat you have been able to show the love of Jesus to so many!! LOVe you tons

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