Tuesday, December 25, 2012

~Our Christmas Sunday~

We had a wonderful Christmas Sunday (as well as a GREAT Christmas Eve and Christmas day...which I'll post about soon, Lord willing!)  
I'm posting a few Lots of pics from our Sunday for you to see.  =)
~Our Christmas Breakfast table!~
 ~Our chocolate dipped spoons that the kids and I made.  We enjoyed these with hot chocolate with our breakfast!~
 ~Our family on Christmas Sunday~ (You can click on these to make them bigger.)
~Our kids on Christmas Lord's day.  (Poor Elijah's ear started hurting him RIGHT as we were heading out the door to church.  But, God and medicine helped him to start feeling LOTS better in just a few minutes!)
THANK YOU, Gramp and Gram for Mary's Christmas dress you bought and brought to her back in March. =)~
 ~My sweetheart and I!~
~Visiting out in front of the church before service.~
 ~Phillip, Kimberly, and I sang a special for our Christmas service.~
  ~Everyone walking around during offering.  (Here they don't pass a plate, each one files up and puts in their offering. =) ~
  ~Jesus helped Pastor Jimmy with his Christmas message.~
~Singing praises to Jesus with hymns and Christmas carols!~
 ~For offertory Kimberly played a fun arrangement that she had arranged of Silent Night.~
 ~Kimberly taught, practiced with the kids, and then led the kids in singing 3 Christmas songs.  One was "Happy Birthday, Jesus." 
Jesus helped me to write a second verse for it in Spanish.~
 ~Jesus helped the kids sing and it was precious.  It looks like Elijah really enjoyed singing. =)~
 ~Mary was asleep and woke up while all the rest of our family was up front, so Nubia went and got her.~
 ~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly passing out the NICE Christmas gifts to each family!~
 ~Edgar and Joanna made yummy TYPICAL CHRISTMAS TREATS of Buñuelos (like a small fried bread) and Natilla (Similar to a creamy type jello) for all of us to enjoy after church upstairs. 

 ~Enjoying visiting after church.~
 ~Jaime and little Elijah.  (God had healed his ear and he was feeling fine by now!!  Praise the Lord!!)~
~Kimberly and Nataly~
  ~Our plates of goodies.~
 ~Elijah is so silly.  He found this bow and acted like it was his bow tie. =D~
 Pics of our FUN Christmas eve and Christmas day coming soon. 


lila said...

I love your Christmas Sunday pic!!!! So thankful for all the wonderful folks Jesus has given you to fellowship and worship with. Great post!! Love you all tons!1

Daryl Hausman said...

What a beautiful family pic of ya'll. can't believe how much everyone of the kids have grown. =)
I loved fried bread, so those treats that Edgar and Joanna made, made me hungry! =) Blessings. Nice to get to talk briefly yesterday. Slowly getting around today, and it's snowing in Cinci, so we have smiles!
I love you, Laura and Family

mmsbryan said...

Back home after some wonderful days of Christmas with the Hausmans. While I was sorry that they could not go be with the Sr. Hausmans we were glad that we did not have to be home alone. Came back home in a Indiana blizzard, even in a near accident God helped us arrive home safely. Your family made a "Christmas Card picture". I was so sad that Elijah was hurting so but glad that he soon got relief and could enjoy the day. The boys looked so cute in their red check shirts and bow ties. The girls looked like beauty queens in their frills and curls and the Daddy and Moma . . . well they too looked festive! Loved your pretty breakfast table. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

These last 3 posts are so sweet, Heather. How adorable that Mary noticed and loved the beautiful changed pink and purple Christmas tree. I think that tree is beautiful too! Yes, what a wonder it is that Jesus is our King, defender, and friend. I cannot imagine the hopelessness of living without him. I liked what your Christmas activities included; devotions, being together, and doing a puzzle. Did any of it get put together, what with 1,500 pieces? I like the new Christmas picture at the top of your blog because you each look very happy. Also, the pictures of your family on Christmas Sunday turned out awesome. You genuinely look like you are ready for Christmas festivities! What nice family pictures those are! I believe I could be happy with one of those! Smile. It's so nice of you all to give of your best to the Master for the people in Colombia. What precious people they are! It touches my heart to see how they respond to your inspiration by giving of their best, also.
What a wonderful season of Christmas this has been! I have felt the blessing of the Lord and he addeth no sorrow with it. I am praying that Phillip's memory stick will soon be returned. With love for each of you dear family, Mom and Dad D

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