Saturday, December 22, 2012

~23rd day of Christmas~

~Our Christmas Tree!~
Our Little Mary was upstairs lying down for a nap when we changed our "Thanksgiving tree" to a Christmas tree.  =)  I didn't think she would even notice the change, but as soon as she came down, her eyes LIT UP...and she started pointing to the tree and saying "Christmas tree...Christmas tree."  That made all the effort worth while. =)
Here are the kids and I with the tree so you can see it more in the day time. (Like my friend Brittany, I'll make a disclaimer.  Our tree has taken 2 DIFFERENT TUMBLES and fallen over this year (we've NEVER had a tree fall over before) it may not look as nice as it first did. =)~ 
~We were in the USA back in 2006 my friend Susanna P. and I walked into Meijers grocery store in Ohio after Christmas and found all of their FUN Christmas decor on sale for 90% off!!   WOW!!!
So, I got most of what you see on our tree for just PENNIES.  I got lots of colorful stockings, colorful snowflakes, ribbon to make bows, etc. ~
~So our tree is very fun and colorful and we all love it.~
~A closer look.~
~I even found a snowflake Christmas tree topper for sale for just a few cents or a dollar or so.  I was HAPPY!! Just for fun we put pink and purple sparkling "sticks" around it.  =)
~We're enjoying our Christmas season and having fun eating snacks, having family devotions, putting together our 1,500 piece puzzle, and reading Christmas stories to the kids...all by the lights of our fun tree.  =)~


Brittany said...

Your tree is so cute! I love the colors - it's so cheerful =) The aprons you made are absolutely precious, too. Still praying that all the things that were stolen will be recovered!

dannyandlizFlowers said...

I just read all about your visas and the briefcase miracle! So like God! Rejoicing with you! Your Christmas decor is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, love your decor! Christmas is such a cozy time! ~Carla~

Sarah Cook said...

Just thought I would let you know that your little niece, Sophia, did a great job singing for me at our church today... she and my little Hope had solo parts in the Children's Church singing this morning. They sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" and Sophia sounded like a doll... she pronounces her "th"s like "f"s... way too cute! You'll have to ask Beth for a picture or something. Not sure if they video taped it or not.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! You have a beautiful family! May God bless your ministry!
Merry Christmas from the Cook's house to the Dickinson's!

lila said...

Your tree is so cute!!

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