Monday, December 3, 2012

~3rd day of Christmas~

One of the neat things about Christmas...are the WONDERFUL Memories we make with family and friends each year. 
My Daddy pastored in Louisiana for several Christmases and we have such NEAT memories from our time there.  We fell in Love with LA!
One Christmas while we were still in LA...on a Sunday evening our dear LA friend Sis. Nelrena (sp?) gave us a Christmas tape.  Daddy, Moma, Laura, and I came home and made a yummy snack and put that Christmas tape on.  We loved it so much that it nearly made us cry and fast became one of our FAVORITES.
Just this fall I ordered the same CD to enjoy for Christmases to come with my own family.  =)
Last night I got this Fun comment on my blog from one of the girls who attended that LA church that Daddy pastored.  I'm posting part of her comment.
Hi Heather,

I love reading your blog. I remember the one year at Christmas time when your family was still in Louisiana and I stayed over one night and the next day we made Christmas candy.

I can still remember me, your mom and I going to the little drugstore to find I believe it was peppermint flavoring (not sure though). We found and went back to make it, but for some reason it turned out too hard to eat... But it was still good! :) I can still smell the aroma of the mixture boiling, and then pouring it out to harden.

That is one of my favorite Christmas memories. I am so glad that I got to know you and can still keep up with you with your blog.


Thanks, Shawna, I LOVED hearing from you. I left you a comment on my FFF...comforting Chicken Noodle soup post.  =)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Here's our simple Christmas decor on our front door this year.  (There are not "front porches" to decorate in these houses here.) 
Not wanting to go buy a big wreath to use for only this Christmas and then give it away or sell it, I just added some flowers to a nice little wreath that Sarah R. made for me when we all were studying Spanish together in Costa Rica 2006.
And put ribbon on my door to make it look like a "gift"...but later I realized it sort of looks like a cross...which is the REAL REASON Jesus came to be born. =) ~
~It is common to see pics at Christmas time of children looking out the window watching the FALLING SNOW!
But, since we don't have that option here in Bogota (to have snow), I snapped this picture of Noah and Elijah looking out at the HARD pouring rain.  =) ~


Sharonda said...

I think the pictures of children looking at the falling snow out the window are adorable too. Like you, I'm wondering if we are going to experience much of the "falling snow" pictures this year. Today, December 3, it is supposed to be 65 degrees!!! :o) It seems so unusual! Although I would rather have snow this time of year, I am willing to accept whatever God gives. I know He knows what He is doing! I'm continuing to enjoy the posts and the pictures! You are so creative and industrious! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the kind post on my blog! :)


lila said...

Happy you had Christmas decor in stock. Looking forward to all your posts!

mmsbryan said...

The "gift" idea for your door is neat. I can just see the disappointment in those little boys as they watch the rain come down, even from the back of their heads. Poor little fellows, cute comparison. Finished decorating Grandmother's living room tonight and she seems pleased. I was getting no where trying to remember how she did so I told her that I was just going to take her decorations and do them as I felt inspired, she told me that would be fine. So Christmas is beginning to come alive around here. Love, Moma

Charity said...

So what I want to know is what is the story you loved? :) It's pretty warm here too right now... and it would be great to get some rain! ;)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, I have so enjoyed your last several posts that I read last night. I didn't have the gumption to comment on each of them. I look forward to the upcoming Christmas posts. During Camp Meeting, I was away from our computer, and since Camp Meeting ended on November 25, I have been wallowing around in various stages of sickness and exhaustion. Well, I'm still wallowing around in these stages but am able to see the end of the tunnel a bit more than when camp ended. Your mother is so funny! I always enjoy reading her comments to you. Her latest "I can just see the disappointment in those little boys as they watch the rain come down, even from the back of their heads" made me laugh. I fear her comment is true, though. Smile.
I am looking forward to your post about Ruh Ruh's birthday. Also, do include a whole bunch of pictures with Noah featured in them. I am having withdrawals from wanting to see him. Smile. I am so grateful for all my memories of your family when you guys pastored at Gospel Center Church for five years. Those memories keep me pressing on until my next visit with you. Love Mom D and Dad too.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, I hope you know I am highly desirous to hear that Christmas cassette tape, now made into a CD, although I've no clue how on earth to make that happen. Just do remember, someday, I too, want to hear that CD of Christmas music. Love, Mom D

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