Thursday, December 13, 2012

~13th day of Christmas~

~Christmas lights in the parks AND LET IT SNOW. 
Colombians LOVE to decorate for Christmas.  Here they decorate with lots of flowers and butterflies. They light up lots of parks for Christmas and they are fun to see.
I snapped this pic of a tall Christmas tree with flowers... from my taxi window while we were waiting at a red light.~
  ~There is a park in between Pastor Jimmy's house and ours that just recently lit up for Christmas.  So the other evening after our kids finished their school work for the day, we walked over and had a fun visit with Pastor Jimmy and family and then asked if we could walk with their girls to see this fun park.
'Scuze the dark/blurry pics.  This is Gaby and Sarah.~
 ~Pretty lights!~
 ~Nataly, Mary, and Kimberly.  The neat thing about THIS park is that every hour in the evenings these little white "houses" that you see above Kimberly's head...blow out "SNOW!"  It's a fake snow similar to shaving cream that blows out so that the Colombians can "experience snow!" =) ~
 ~The pretty red and white Christmas tree in the center of the park.~
 ~Us under the "Snow".~
 ~IT'S "SNOWING!!!!!!"  =) ~
 ~Mommy and Mary enjoying the "snow." (She doesn't have a clue what REAL snow is like, since she was only 3 1/2 months when we left the USA.)~
 ~It was so fun to see the Colombians enjoying the "snow!" ~
 ~Elijah, Noah, and Phillip getting "snow" on their heads.~
 ~Noah in his fun Christmas hat, Mary, and Elijah in his fun hat looking at a lighted tree.~
 Nearly EVERYONE decorates for Christmas here, and it's fun to see their decor/lights. =)    (That's one thing we missed last year while in Argentina. For hardly anyone decorates for Christmas there.  BUT, on Christmas eve we found out one reason why.  They all spent their money on HUGE colorful fireworks and the city was BRIGHT with fireworks for probably 30 mins. or so.  Each culture is fun and different.)
Just a little interesting Cultural note.  MOST people here in Colombia have a Nativity also.   Growing up in the USA, we didn't have a clue what Nativities mean here.
But we soon learned that they WORSHIP Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the Nativity.  They Sing to them, have a party for 9 straight evenings around them, get drunk, etc.
So thus the Christians don't have Nativities here.)
~I snapped this pic so you could see the fun lights (and a flower) on these apt. buildings.~
 ~This tree is in National Park where we took our family Christmas picture.  We enjoy seeing the fun lights in the parks as we walk/drive by~


Emily Grace said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Sis. Dickinson! Enjoy your post as well! Merry Christmas to your family!! ~Emily

mmsbryan said...

Thanks for sending us a view of Christmas in Colombia. How thankful I am that we know the True Christmas Story that Jesus was born, died as a sacrifice for our sins, rose again and lives even this Christmas time. And I am thankful that I can see Christmas through the eyes of a child . . . our own little girl. I love you, Moma

Sharonda said...

It is interesting to see how the Columbians celebrate Christmas. I had no idea!

I left comments for both you and your mom back on the post entitled, "9th and 10th Day of Christmas." I wasn't sure if you had read them or not, so I thought I would let you know.

It looks like you all are enjoying this Christmas season away from home. I'm sure your children appreciate all of the effort you put forth in making Christmas as much like a "USA" Christmas as possible.

Keep those blog posts coming! I'm enjoying them! Love, Sharonda

Charity said...

So neat to see the different light displays! I love that flower tree - so pretty!!!

mmsbryan said...

SHARONDA, I saw the comment and left you a note on the same day. But thanks for the reply and the reminder. Guess you will have to do as I and go back to catch up. Trusting you are having happy days of Christmas. Love, Martha

Sharonda said...

Sis. Martha, Yes, I've been going back to try and keep up with the different posts. I may have missed one somewhere; I'm not sure. Our days of Christmas are VERY busy, but fun! I am currently preparing for a Christmas open house in our home on Saturday evening. I tend to get very nervous, but really enjoy doing things like this. Our church Christmas program will then be next ... and so on.
Thank you for staying in touch.
Love, Sharonda

Keith and Crystal said...


Anonymous said...

Oh love the details of Christmas in Columbia....I will share that with my kids! That's so neat!! Love to all, Carla

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