Saturday, December 8, 2012

~8th day of Christmas~

On Sarah's birthday we had QUITE the INTERESTING day!  (But in the end, it turned out really nicely!)
~At 7:30 that morning our guards told us that by 10 that morning the city would shut off our water and it would be off for 24 hours!!! So we spent the morning scrubbing buckets and filling them with water, filling up pots and pans, washing everything possible, taking showers, etc.....AND OUR WATER NEVER WENT OFF!! =}
~So, in the midst of getting ready for our "NO WATER Situation"...I decided to make a quick birthday breakfast, instead of cooking. You need to know that our family isn't the typical American family who eats cereal 5 out of 7 mornings a week.  =)
Ever since I had gestational diabetes with my last 3 babies and learned that it's harder on your body to have sweets in the mornings after you Fasted all night, we rarely eat cereal for breakfast.  So, I knew that having Cornflakes, fresh strawberries and bananas, and strawberry yogurt for breakfast would be a SPECIAL breakfast for our birthday girl Sarah and our other kids.  =D  (Note: I purposely took this pic for you to see how our milk comes here. Our milk comes in bags.    In the right hand corner of this pic...the little white pitcher is holding the bag of milk.  =)  ~
~Little Mary wearing her Christmas hat...was thrilled with her breakfast. =) ~
~Sarah (and Noah) ready to open her birthday gifts.  We just got her a few simple gifts and hope to get her something bigger when we get back home to the USA.~
~Her new Christmas hat that says, "Sara" in Spanish on it.~

 ~One of Sarah's gifts was this Hello Kitty alarm clock that sings.  A few minutes after she opened it, Phillip found Elijah upstairs sitting thoughtfully! (I'm sure you know by now that that is NOT the usual Elijah! =)
All of the sudden Elijah said, "I'm SO SAD that Hello Kitty does not have a mouth! Later he was still concerned and told me,  "PLEASE don't ever cut off my mouth like Hello Kitty's Mother did hers." =(
We tried our best to assure him that her mother DID NOT cut off her mouth, but he's still convinced she did and so SAD about it. =) ~
~Just shortly before the party was to start. I opened my kitchen window to get some cooler air, (for I was baking and it is summer here right now) then I ran upstairs to do something.  While I was upstairs for a Kitchen Christmas tree blew over.   So, with ALLLL I had to do to get ready for her party at 4....I had to redecorate my tree.
~SOMEONE (we think it must have been our neighbor boy, Noah's friend) opened up our living room window right beside our big Christmas tree AND IT BLEW OVER and Kimberly and I had to redecorate it too!!!! HELP!  ={
 ~Sarah chose My Little Pony for her party.  We scattered Sarah's ponies and pink and purple boxes of Nerds down the center of the table.~

~Phillip and Sarah went to Simon Bolivar's estate/garden, probably 30 mins. take her Birthday pics....only THE BATTERY WENT OUT ON OUR CAMERA before they got done.  HELP! 
Thankfully, God helped them get some nice pictures, as you may have seen in my Day 6 Christmas post.  
 They got home a few minutes after our first 2 guests arrived.
~Mary was "lying down for a nap", when someone discovered that she wasn't sleeping...she had found one of the kids' story tapes and was DESTROYING IT
~Sarah requested 2 fresh strawberry pies...and I made them, but the crusts SLID down into the pies.  They don't sell Crisco here, so I use butter for my crusts.  Anytime I try to "rescue my crusts" from SLIDING down in, (using tin pie plates filled with beans or rice, etc.) that crust just SLIDES down anyway.  =(
I was able to rescue them, but they weren't as pretty as I was hoping for. =(
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly, and their daughters, and 2 sisters that are our neighbors joined us for Sarah's Skyline Chili birthday meal.~
~Noah and Elijah ready to eat at a little table beside our Big one.~
~Enjoying being together.~
~Ready to sing Happy Birthday to Sarah and serve her pie.~
~Sarah's Strawberry pie which we served with ice cream.~
~Gerraldine, Sarah, and Gaby.~
~Elijah took this picture of Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and Phillip and I playing Scrabble... in Spanish...of course.  I don't know why, but we had never played this with them in all the years we have been here.  We had a fun time.  Pastor Jimmy won.  =)
Jesus gave Sarah a really nice birthday.  Thank you for all of your nice comments and birthday wishes!


Sharonda said...

It sounds like you had a really trying day! The old saying is so true, "When it rains; it pours!" I wonder why things seem to happen that way? ha! It looks like everything turned out nicely for your daughter's birthday, despite the trials. God is so good!

I saw your mom last night at the G.B.S. program for a moment as she and your father were looking for seats. :) They are livestreaming the program, so if you are able to watch it, I think you all would enjoy it! It was VERY good! Today, Saturday, it will be livestreamed at 3:30 p.m. and tomorrow on Sunday it will be at 6:00 p.m.

Take care and God bless!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a cute girlish party you had for Sarah! I love the pink and purple, of course. And the Nerds and little ponies on the table was a cute decorating idea. That strawberry pie looks absolutely delicious! The bowl with strawberries and bananas is so pretty in the cute breakfast picture. Yes, Mary's face showed the truth in your statement that your children would love the birthday breakfast you fixed them. It was nice to see our Noah in the pictures; he is turning into a more mature boy. I think Sarah's Christmas cap is the very cutest piece of Christmas clothing! And the story of Elijah and the Hello Kitty clock, blew a howl of laughter out of my mouth so loud that it almost scared me! That child's tender heart is adorable! How can little ones come up with such funny concepts? Dad won't come in here because he's getting his songs ready for church tomorrow but I can't wait to read Elijah's comments to him.
I see that children never change...while mothers are unearthly busy, little Mary is busy doing her dastardly deed of tearing up something. I don't know how you keep up with your 'Three Ring Circus', Heather. What with no water, trees falling over, breakfast to cook, supper to fix, table decorating to do, home fires to keep burning, hair to comb, children to bathe, pies to bake and salvage from soft crusts, and on and on, it was one REAL day. You are a good sport to keep smiling, and to keep pressing on in the midst of 'battle'. Thank you for a beautiful and a 'real life' post from your Colombian home. We love you REAL people! Mom and Dad D

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