Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today has been a ROLLER COASTER TYPE DAY!!!
We left this morning very excited that after 6 years of working, collecting papers, and PRAYING...we were FINALLY going to apply for our Colombian residencies!!!
We had to go to 2 offices, and we got to the last one by 12:30 or so.  ONLY TO FIND OUT that they've changed their hours and closed 3 hours earlier than normal!  The office had just CLOSED AT NOON! =(
So, we decided we'd try again early tomorrow morning.
We ate lunch together and Phillip showed us a new mall he had visited recently.
On the way home OUR BAG WAS STOLEN WITH ALLLLLLLLLLLL of our Passports clear from the year 2000, all of our Colombian visas, our Argentine visas, all of our documents that we have collected for 6 years to get our Colombian residencies!  We couldn't BELIEVE IT!  There was money in the bag too, but the most important was ALLLLL of our paperwork/visas/passports that were all....GONE!!!
I cried!

We reported the stolen bag to the police and came home and called people to PRAY!!!

Just 2 hours later Phillip's cellphone rang and the policemen have found a bag which could be ours.  The police are holding 2 WOMEN in custody for STEALING OUR BAG!!!!
It is after midnight and Phillip is still doing a police report.
I'm not sure what is still in the bag, and what we are missing!
Your prayers are appreciated!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a horrible terrible thing to happen! I cannot imagine how this would turn out, if you did not have Jesus on your side, Heather and Phillip. Surely there will be a miracle that Jesus will perform by bringing these necessary papers back to you. How, I don't know but we must pray, so Jesus will work. I am so sorry for the trauma and grief you have had during this robbery. I love each of you, so much! Mom D

Angie Davis said...

I am so sorry! Praying the papers are all recovered. In face, we pray for your family regularly!

Charity said...

Praying for the complete recovery of all your documents. May God use this for His glory. So sorry for the extra stress!!!!

lila said...

Dearest Heather, I almost croaked when I read this post!!! So glad you all have great faith!!! What a mighty God we serve. Just remember there is a reason for this. I know we will all be amazed when we find out all the details. Can't wait to hear how our Big God was watching out for you!!! Love you tons

GLOANN said...

I am so sorry and will be praying that you will recover all your valuables.

Brittany said...

Oh my, how terrible! I would have cried, too! Y'all may have to start carrying those crossbody messenger bags ;) Praying that ALL is recovered, and that all goes well with your office visit this morning.

mmsbryan said...

The call came as we were Caroling with some from our church family. So as we sang "Joy to the World" and "Peace On Earth" we were silently praying for our children in Bogota and their hearts at this time. God, the Giver of this wonderful Gift of Christmas was with us at each festive door and with you there. We praise Him and are still praying and trusting. We Love each of you and glad that all you seven are safe, Moma

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