Sunday, December 9, 2012

~9th &10th day of Christmas~

I'm sorry that I couldn't post earlier today. Yesterday I worked all day at our church: Helping sand walls so the men could paint, cleaning, etc. and then today I had 13 guests for Sunday dinner.  
So here's day 9&10 of my days of Christmas. =) 
~Day 9 of Christmas.~
~Here's my Kitchen chalkboards "decked" for Christmas.~
 ~Just in case someone doesn't know, "Feliz Navidad" means "Merry Christmas" in Spanish.~
~And some fun Christmas towels for my kitchen.~
~Day 10 of Christmas.~
~The stockings socks were hung by the fire in the kitchen with care...
      In hopes that soon St. nicolas Daddy and Mommy soon would be there. =) ~
~I love my little Christmas socks that I got years ago in an "all you could shove in a bag" for $
Here nearly all the windows have bars on them, so that made for a perfect place to hang our socks. =)
The Christmas socks, the little snow men below them, and the green Christmas tree shaped lights add a fun touch to my kitchen window.~
 ~And I was happy to find this fun Christmas hand soap for my kitchen sink for just $2.00 =) ~
I've been busy wrapping there are gifts under our tree already.   Our older kids are happy to see their gifts all wrapped up, but poor Elijah does NOT understand.  


mmsbryan said...

Sounds like Elijah is making Christmas fun for his family this year. Poor little guy to be so rough and tough and yet have such a tender heart must be hard. It is like Dennis the Menace having an angelic heart. He is just too cute and sweet and if he were here this Gram would have to let him open a gift. :-) Love, Moma

mmsbryan said...

Sharonda, Thanks for making yourself known to me at the GBS Program. It made me happy that you are such a faithful follower of Heather's blog. Heather enjoys your comments so much. She explained that she has never met you but that your brother was Phillip's roommate at GBS. Again it was nice meeting you, I know that Heather is looking forward to meeting you and a lot of other "blogger" friends when she get home again. Love, Your New Friend, Martha S. Bryan (Better known as Heather's Moma) :-)

Sharonda said...

Sis. Bryan (Heather's Moma),
It was nice to meet you too! I have seen you a few times from a distance and have known who you are due to Heather's blog. Thank you so much for the kind comments! I also have seen Heather and her family a couple of times during missionary services held at the Lima Pilgrim Holiness Church. I have long remembered the first time I heard them speak before they went to the mission field. I was so impressed due to the talent that was so evident in their entire family. Even more so, I was impressed with their zeal to take their little family to another country! It has been a privilege to get to know Heather through her blog. When we do actually get to meet each other face to face, it will be even more special. :)

Thank you for considering me as your new friend even though we talked for a brief moment. Maybe we will meet again sometime and will be able to talk longer. :o)

Sharonda Baker

Sharonda said...

Thank you for bringing your Moma's note to my attention! She is so sweet! :o) The note I wrote to her is for you as well. You and your family are special, and I pray that God will continue to bless and help you all.
Keep encouraged. I am praying for you.

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