Monday, December 17, 2012

~17th day of Christmas~

Miracle on 34th Street My Street!   =)
Do you still believe in Christmas miracles?  I do.  Now, these two miracles were very small miracles compared to some, but they meant a lot to me this Christmas!
One Friday at the beginning of December I decided I wanted an old wooden box.  A lot of the fruits and veggies here still come in wooden boxes.  So, I planned that the next day I would go in search of my old wooden box.  But, I woke up sick that day and couldn't leave the house.  =(
So, I relayed my WANT to my Sweetheart who was going to the market to get us some fresh eggs.  I hated for him to have to go searching for me an old wooden box, but thought it wouldn't hurt to tell him anyways.  =)   Wouldn't you know, that about a block from our house, Phillip found me an old wooden box.  Some of the boxes that the fruit and veggies come in are cheaply made, all kinds of shapes and look NEW, but this looked old, and it was the perfect size that I had wanted.  =)
~A few days later I was "working on my box" ...fixin' to decorate it for Phillip's night stand when Phillip came home with another "treasure."
Back at the time of my birthday when I so wanted a chalkboard, we had looked about buying a real piece of Slate/tile.  But we found that they only sell them by the case of 15-20 or so, and they were quite PRICEY!
While Phillip was out that evening, he found me a fun piece of broken off slate to use in my old wooden box decoration. =)  ~
 ~I added 2 fun little Christmas trees.~
 ~I made a little banner that says "C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s" to hang in the front... and then wrote "Jesus is the Reason" on the piece of slate!   Sometimes it's the simplest things that make ones heart the happiest!  =)
I was happy with how it turned out...and it adds a rustic Christmasy touch to Phillip's side of the bed.
My night stand decor coming tomorrow. (Although without knowing it, you've already had a "sneak peek." =)~
PLEASE help me pray that my 2 Christmas magazines will come in BEFORE Christmas!!!    (Taste of Home and Better Homes and Gardens!)  THANK YOU!


mmsbryan said...

Dear Little Heather, I see that you have no comments on this post. Did it occur to you that your frends do not know what to say about such miracles? But I want you to know that I L-O-V-E
your gifts from your man - this is decorating to my taste. I remember the year that I was to make up a Christmas wish list and send to the family as we drew names and no one was supposed to find out who we had. So everyone sent me their wishes and I compiled them all and made a list and sent a copy for each one. Vonnie asked for "old cans and old bottles" so I added the line that whoever had her name could just shop at the dump for her. :-) She surely knows how to decorate her home with those things in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Well back to your old box and slate, I think they are the most classy rustic decor that I have seen in awhile. Now this post will either inspire your friends or make them thankful that they can go to Wal-Mart. I love you and your days of Christmas. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather and family,
I really enjoyed looking at your decorating ideas! They are so neat!
Trust you all have a wonderful Christmas season! Thinking and praying for you all!
Love Melanie

Denise said...

Dearest Heather,
FYI: there is no such thing as a little miracle! ;) Margaret Jowers taught us in Junior Church that "A miracle is something only God can do!" So...anything He does is HUGE ~ sooo huge, only HE could do it! So, see, you are VERY special 'cause He took the time to give YOU a desire of your heart! Isn't that just awesome? Well, you know Aunt Nesi has to encourage herself with things like this ~ things that may not even be theologically correct (like the hammock I am SO looking forward to by the River of Life in heaven? Yeah...I plan to spend the first few years there catching up on my sleep after I weep at the feet of Jesus for a few years thanking Him for all of His grace and mercy!) But, in all seriousness, I don't think there is such a thing as a little miracle and I LOVE these sweet gifts He chooses to bless His daughters with! Sweet reminders that "God made you special and He loves you very much'!...and so do I!
I am really enjoying all your "Days of Christmas" posts ~ just delightful!
Have a lovely week!
~Aunt Nesi

Brittany said...

You've done it again! That's so neat that he was able to find the perfect old box, and you fixed it up so cute!

lila said...

You are such an inspiration!!! It is so awesome that Jesus cares about the simple things in our lives!!! What a cute, cute way to display an old wooden box!! So glad you are sharing all your beautiful decor with us!! Love all the posts!! LOve you tons

Charity said...

So very cute! I love your old box and what you did with it! :)

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