Thursday, December 6, 2012

~6th day of Christmas~

~Sarah's Birthday PART 1~
12 years ago this December...God blessed us with a little tiny adorable baby girl, whom we named Sarah Ashley!  Thankfully I had a relatively easy birth with her (She was my easiest birth and my smallest baby, weighing in at only 7.4. =)  So I enjoyed Christmas 2000 sitting by the lights of our tree and loving our baby Sarah.~
~I don't have any baby pics of Sarah with me, but Thankfully my SWEET Mother-in-love took LOTS of time to scan and send me these fun pics of baby Sarah. Thanks, Mom!
~This is Sarah's 1 yr. old pic!  Dec. 2001.  What a little dolly.
(You can click on each of these pics on this post and they should get larger.)~

 ~Dec. 2001.  You can see orneriness in Sarah's little face.~
 ~Sarah 3 and Kimberly 5.  Feb. 2003.  My Moma made their matching green dresses.~
 ~I decided to add this pic to Sarah's post too.  This is with all 4 of her Grandmas. (She had no Grandmas on Phillip's side, for they were all gone long before she came along. =(  )  
L to R back row: Mom D, Heather, Moma. Front row: Kimberly, My Grandma Bryan then 94 or 95 I think, and now she's in Heaven, Grandmother soon to be 91, and little Sarah.~
 ~The first pic is of Sarah with Grandpa (and does she ever remind us of MARY here) and the bottom pic is Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Grandpa and Phillip looking at one of my Scrapbooks in Grandpa and Grandma's house.  Aug. 2004.~
Note: Sarah CHEESING for the camera. She's crazy! =)
 ~Christmas 2004 in AZ. (We were on missionary deputation during this time.)  Sarah was 4 here.~
Sarah brings so much laughter and JOY into our home.  She still loves to give Mommy hugs (I hope she doesn't out-grow that), and still likes to tuck her arm into mine while we are shopping together.  She LOVES to be a servant and just yesterday organized Phillip's computer desk while I was out.  She loves Jesus with her whole heart and Jesus recently Sanctified her.  All of our children love to draw, but it appears that Sarah is the one that takes after her artist Daddy when it comes to drawing.  Sarah thinks her baby sister Mary hung the moon and stars and often helps me bathe and dress her.  She loves to play house or dolls with Mary.  She is quite ornery (She must get that from her Daddy too, you think? =) and LOVES to play tricks on her older sister Kimberly and on Noah.    She loves to help me around the house and in the kitchen.

~Phillip took Sarah to Simon Bolivar's garden to take some b-day pictures. I think Jesus helped them to turn out nicely.~
 ~So sweet!~

 ~Taking time to smell look at the flowers.  =) ~

Yes, Sarah is a pretty special girl...I think we'll keep her! =D
Happy 12th Birthday, Sarah, we love you TONS!!!


Emily Grace said...

Happy Birthday to dear Sarah! Loved the photos, especially the ones when she was little! Love and prayers for your family ~Emily A.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I should have sent more pictures of Sarah when she was little. They are such fun to remember her then.
BUT...these beautiful pictures of Sarah in Simon's 'fairy tale' garden made me cry because I see Sarah turning into a young woman. And to read what you wrote about Sarah combined with the pretty pictures made my heart SO HAPPY. Pretty is as pretty does, so this Grandma heart of mine was satisfied with the elegant and feminine pictures. Smile.
Number 2-was my favorite facial expression. Number 3-I could see Aunt Donna Mae (Dickinson) in Sarah's expression. Number 4-I could see Uncle Scott/my dad (Sutherland) in Sarah. Number 5-I could see my dad's mom (Sutherland) in Sarah's face.
Sarah's dress is gorgeous! What a pretty dress for a beautiful girl! Wonderful day that Sarah got sanctified! That thrilled my heart! Love, Grandma D
After work, this evening, Grandpa can look at these new pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! Can't believe you're 12!! You have always had the SWEETEST smile!! Loved seeing all your pictures. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL!!
Sis. Jowers

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah! And what BEAUTIFUL pictures!

mmsbryan said...

It was so fun to walk down memory lane with these pictures, thanks Grandma Dickinson for making these pictures available for Mommy to share with us. What a lovely young lady that sweet little baby girl is becoming. Sorry have been too busy helping GG to get to see these until now. So glad for your fun birthday. I Love you special little girl, Gram

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