Monday, September 24, 2012

~Have you ever heard of a Thanksgiving Tree?~

One morning shortly after Phillip had left for his trip to the USA...we were all feeling lonely.  To top it off, Kimberly woke up with the stomach flu.  So, I told Sarah and Noah that they could have the day off of school (but we made it up for it later, for we got LOTS of schoolwork done in the 8 days Daddy was surprise him. =)
Sarah got to thinking out loud and asked, "Mommy, could we please decorate for Christmas and surprise Daddy when he gets home?" 
(You see due to missionary deputation in 2009, a surprise baby Mary in 2010, and working in Argentina in 2011, we haven't been able to use our Christmas decor in For. evah! =)

But, I explained to her that Daddy would be sad if we decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  However, not knowing IF we'd ever get to use this tree again, (due to Jesus calling us to move to Argentina soon)...I got to thinking and then Sarah and I both said at the same time,....
"But we could have a Thanksgiving tree!"
So, that's exactly what we have in our living room downstairs.  We used everything Fallish that we could think of to use that we had on hands.  We didn't have to purchase anything to decorate our fall tree. =)
~Our Fall "Thanksgiving Tree." ~
~It's so FUN to sit by the lights of the tree and enjoy something hot to drink, because it's chilly outside here year around.~
 ~Our tree is complete with a big bow made out of fall ribbon for the topper, ...~
 ~And I matted the word "FALL" that I wrote in fancy letters, clipped one of the leaves to it, and put it near the top of the tree.~
 ~I matted some pics of us and hot glued some fall ribbon on them to hang them on our tree.  So, maybe we could call this a "family tree" too.  =) ~
~Bundles of cinnamon tied in ribbons, fall leaf picks, Christmas balls in fall colors, a dark redish wooden bead garland...~
~Pics of us...and...~
~3 different types of Glittery fall leaves with clips behind them.  I found these our 2nd fall here on clearance, and I love them.  They add such a fun fall touch to our tree.  =) ~
~And instead of gifts below the tree, it's just simple burlap type material, and a basket with some fall magazines in it.  As you will notice the Better Homes and Gardens magazine is quite DOG-EARED!!!
As far as I know it's the LAST fall BHG magazine I have received and it's from 2009!!!!
PLEASE HELP ME PRAY THAT SOMEONE WILL QUIT STEALING THEM (or whatever is happening to them), so I can get at least one or two new FALL ones before we leave Colombia.
My heart THANKS YOU!~
~Phillip loves our Thanksgiving tree too...and it makes me smile every. time. I. come. downstairs. =)  ~


Nicki said...

What a nice idea.

Daryl Hausman said...

Darling idea and we loved getting to have your Phillip here with us, only down part was: it made us miss ya'll all the more! ~Laura

Brittany said...

What a fun idea! And a great reminder to be Thankful, too =) So pretty!

lila said...

Very cute, I'm glad it makes you smile! :)

Abigail Kuhn said...

What a neat idea! I have thought before about leaving a tree up all year and decorating it for different holidays and seasons, but I'm afraid I would get very tired of it and then it wouldn't be special for Christmas.
Your tree is so cute and so special with your family pics on it. What a wonderful way to remind yourselves how wonderful family is to have!

CrazieChrisa said...

Just thought I would let you know that our miracle boy has arrived:) He was born 9-25-12 at 2:29am. 7lbs 6oz 19in. He will be David Leon III. Everyone seems to have their own little nicknames for him:) I was able to have him naturally this time all thanks to God and a wonderful dr. I'll try to put pictures on my blog once we get home from the hospital! Everyone thinks he looks a lot like the Scarbrough side. He reminds mom a lot of what Susan looked like as a baby! Love and miss y'all! Praying for y'all!

Love your cousin,

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