Saturday, August 13, 2011

~A visit with some friends.~

~Last Tuesday we were privileged to have a couple visitors over for supper.  Several years ago we met Jonathan Nieto from here in Colombia...and we became fast friends.  We had him over for dinner and we spoke English with him, because he wanted the practice.  You see, he had already been accepted at Hobe Sound Bible College, but was just waiting for his USA visa to be approved.  We rejoiced with him when his visa was finally granted to him.  We have kept in contact through the years.  This summer he contacted us and wanted to get together.  The Lord has helped him and in a few days he leaves to go back to the USA...for he only has one year left before he will graduate from HSBC.  =)  This time when he arrived at our house, he had a friend named Natasha from W. Virginia with him.  I served a simple supper of potato soup, muffins and jelly, apple slices, fresh pineapple juice, Southern sweet tea, and jello for dessert.  We had a really nice time visiting with them.  I was sooo SURPRISED to learn that Natasha's great uncle by marriage is Erwin Bourne, who did a lot of missionary work in the Amazon years ago.  What a small world.  Our Elijah was beyond HAPPY to have someone to speak English with, and nearly talked Natasha's leg off.  =)  (Since my niece is named Natasha too, I think his little 3 year old brain got a little confused, ...for once he called Jonathan, "Uncle Daryl".  When we explained to him that this wasn't U. Daryl...he got soooo embarrassed. =)~
~We had a great time with Jonathan and Natasha.  We are praying that God will bless and guide these 2 young people. =)~


lila said...

Neat story. Glad you had a nice a visit.

Anonymous said...

Heather, I was so excited to see that you had a visit from Jonathan and Natasha! They are two very sweet young ppl who love God with all their hearts! We have had them over to our house different times and think a lot of them as they have become very special to us :o) Glad you had a good visit with them and our kids love talking their ears off too! Lol!
Your Friend from Hobe Sound,
Liz Flowers

Daryl Hausman said...

Glad that you all had a nice visit. And neat to "meet" another Natasha!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Heather, that is so awesome! Natasha is D's cousin!!!! I knew she was in Colombia, but didn't know she was going to meet up with you all! How cool! We pray for you guys regularly. I know we have been out of touch for too long, but you are loved and prayed for. :-)

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you all for your nice comments.

Liz, how neat that you know Jonathan and Natasha, and have had them over too. =) Great hearing from you!

Kim, what a SMALL world. I couldn't believe it when I read that Natasha is a cousin to D. Unreal!
Love and miss y'all too!
Heather and family

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