Friday, August 12, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...breakfast croissants~

~Yummy, easy, and fast Breakfast croissants.~
 Here, there is a bakery on nearly every street.  They sell croissants for about .20 each.  So, I like to buy a dozen or so, to make these breakfast croissants. I just beat up about 6 eggs with some milk and salt, and fry them in the bottom of a oiled skillet.  I don't turn them until the bottom side is cooked...then I slice the WHOLE EGG (which is all the eggs I put into the skillet) into about 8 portions.  I flip each portion over to cook on the other side.  When it is done, I just flip one portion of egg onto a split croissant, next some cheese, then place a piece of fried ham, then the top of the croissant.  It's yummy and fast!  Serve it with something hot to drink....and breakfast is on!
~And as always...ENJOY!!~

Yesterday Phillip said that he thought that he was going to get up and jog each morning and mentioned that if any of us wanted to jog with him, we could.  So, this morning Phillip, Sarah, Noah, Mary (in the jogger stroller) and I jogged / brisk walked for 20 mins....about a mile. (Elijah was still sleeping, so Kimberly stayed with him.)  I kept getting a stitch in my side, so I couldn't jog as much as I wanted to, but it was good exercise and made me feel good.  Then Sarah, Mary and I came back and Sarah and I made these breakfast croissants and a hot drink while Kimberly, Noah, Phillip went jogging for 20 mins or so.
~Kimberly snapped this picture of us after we came back from our mile jog / walk.~
~Elijah was that is why Kimberly didn't jog with us the first time.  Here's some bead head to prove it. =)~~
~And I love Elijah's cute morning "Square eyes"~
~Last night for a snack we had these brownies. I spread caramel and then sprinkled chopped pecans and mini choc. chips on top...and they were SOME KIND OF DELICIOUS!!  =)


Sarah Watkins said...

Mmmmm looks so yummy! I will have to try these both some time. :)

lila said...

Don't know how you all stay so trim with all that wonderful yummy looking stuff you always make. Everything makes me fat. Love the post. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, you make me laugh! Here you have whipped up another CHOCOLATE dessert, and with mini CHOCOLATE CHIPS on the top, no less!
It's 5:00 PM on this Friday night, and while getting my supper dishes ready to wash, I was thinking of your little family in Bogota'. It made me miss you guys, and then I remembered your blog, so I rushed into the computer room and brought up your blog site on the computer. I was rewarded with a post that had new pictures! It made me happy to read your new recipe, happy to see pictures, and happy to read about your morning jog and breakfast.
Thank goodness you're a social butterfly, or you'd never keep up with your blog so faithfully. Smile. Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

I LOVE those Croissants... but they would be nearly $1.20 each here. I used to buy them for the lady I worked for in FL over 20 years ago and they were $1 each then. Sad thing she let me taste them, and that's one expensive Taste to keep up with! =) Brittany said they were yummy too! she enjoyed them while with you all there!

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