Monday, August 29, 2011

~Baby dedication...and needing prayer~

~Sunday morning Edgar and Joanna (on your right) dedicated their baby Heather Sofia to Jesus.  Edgar and Joanna invited Raul and Judy (Farly's sister and husband) to be witnesses.~
~Phillip reading some Scripture and....~
~admonishing the parents to raise Heather Sofia to serve Jesus. (Phillip had NO CLUE that there was going to be a dedication that morning, or that he was going to be on the platform, so he felt badly that he wasn't dressed for the occasion.)~
~Me playing some children's songs quietly during the dedication. (I got teary eyed and thanked Jesus for answering all of our prayers and sending Heather Sofia to Edgar and Joanna. =) ~
~Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly Praying for Heather Sofia.~
~PLEASE PRAY!!!  In the last few days someone has been trying to break into our church.  As is typical here...we have metal bars on the outside of our church with several pad locks.  They have cut off and stolen 4 of those padlocks and tried to damage the large chain that we use too.  =(  
In this picture...the guys are working to cut the damaged link off of the chain to have 2 chains to try to keep them out.  (The guys were taking turns holding and cutting, thus Phillip and Jimmy were just watching at the moment. =)

Evidently someone has come by and heard that we have a sound system and a piano, etc. and are wanting to steal those things.  PLEASE COVER OUR CHURCH WITH YOUR PRAYERS...there is no money to replace any of those things if they were to get stolen.  We are asking God's angels to encamp around our church and protect it from getting broken into.  Thank you!!~


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing the pictures from the Baby dedication!!! And we will be praying that nothing gets stolen from your church!!!
love you all,

RicKaren said...

Loved the baby dedication pictures and will keep your church's safety in my prayers

Daryl Hausman said...

Heather and Philip' we'll sure be praying for the Lord's protection to your church and property!
love ya,

lila said...

So happy God sent them a Heather.. What a blessing!!! Praying for God's protection on His posessions. Love you tons

Beth said...

We got your google+ message and have been praying for the church's protection. Love you all and pray for you often!

Scott and Sarah said...

Praying for u all!

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