Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~A visit, veggies, and "eye candy"~

~My friend Marisol came to our home for a visit.  Marisol lives a lonely life, for her husband works all of the time and is not a Christian.  So, she really enjoys when we get to get together. This was the first time that she had seen our new home.  We had a lovely visit together.  I fed her a meal and this Choc./Rasp. trifle was our dessert.~
~Us eating. (Elijah was sleeping.)~
~Then she wanted Kimberly to show her how to do a curly bun.~
~Kimberly and Marisol~
~The end result.~
~Marisol and I~
~Marisol LOVES flowers and is the one who showed me the market where to get flowers for CHEAP.  She bought me these little yellow ball flowers.  Aren't they so cute? I was happy with how fun they made my flower arrangement. We are so blessed to be able to get yummy fresh fruits and veggies for cheap here in Colombia.  Like these 2 large avocados in this picture. We got 3 for $2.50.  We wonder what veggies and fruits we will find when we get to Argentina?!  We have heard that we won't find half the selection. =(~
~2 Clean babies~
~Recently I have fallen in love with orchids because not only are they beautiful...but they last for WEEKS!  I was THRILLED to find this branch of lovely orchids for our bedroom for $2.50 . =)~

~Flowers are like "eye candy"!  =) They make my heart smile!~

 Thank you for praying...we are trusting Jesus to protect His church building here in Bogota!


Rob and Deanna said...

I love the orchid vase! My favorite color :-) I spritz my hair with a Curl Locking Styling Spray to define the curls & help with it looking frizzy. My hair is so thin & straight that I have to do that to make it look more curly & hold it's curl. Maybe Kimberly doesn't have that problem, just thought I'd share the tip.

I spritz, then scrunch it into my curls a bit to give it more of a "wet" look, so it looks more defined.

Janie said...

The yellow ball flowers are called Billy Buttons and I absolutely love them! Cute pictures :)

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Dee, for your tip. Kimberly has lots of hair like her Mommy so may not need the "body" the spray would give...but I'll pass the tip along to her. =)
(It probably was unfair to Kimberly that I posted the back of her curly bun...for she had done it a really quickly and a different way than she normally does her hair...just to show Marisol.)

Glad you like the orchid vase...that too is one of my favorite colors. Phillip and our kids got it for me for Mother's day for our bedroom. =)

The Dickinsons said...

Janie, thank you for your comment. How fun to know the name of "Billy Buttons". (Kimberly said, "It sounds way too much like Belly Buttons". =)

I went on-line and found them on a wedding site in the US where you could buy Billy Buttons in bulk for $1.05 each if you bought 100!! Marisol bought me 12 for $2.00! =)

I love them too. They are so cute! =)

lila said...

So happy that Marisol has you wonderful Dickinson's. I know she feels beyond blessed. The flowers are beautiful and love the billy buttons. Your arrangements are so tasteful. Love all the pics

mmsbryan said...

Thanks for the updates. I love seeing and reading them. The babies in the bath are so sweet and the flowers are so tastefully arranged. I went down the street to the empty property that we have permission to get any plant from (Daddy got his 100 raspberry plants from that owner) and got snowball blossoms and cropped them real short and filled the vase with all it would hold, and shined some of the bigger leaves to go around the edge for the center piece for our Sunday Dinner guests. I had seen them arranged in magazines like that but had never had any to use. The prices are not as good in my market as yours. :-) Glad that you can enjoy such beauty. It was good to Marisol again, she and Kimberly's hair looked nice. But then, what do I know about doing girls hair except in two ponies or piggies, a hair do that big brother can do when a Moma is too busy! ;-) Memories. I Love you, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Your friends hair looks so sweet! Kimberly did a great job! I'll never forget the TLC team showing us that wonderful EASY trick in Romania! It's been a life saver since then! =) Love ya much,

Daryl Hausman said...

I'll bet Moma would LOVE the name of the flowers Billy Button's... sounds too much like her favorite... =) That tip from Dee is nice to know too for that would make it easier I think even with lots of hair!
love ya I'll quit So Darla can finish her school...=)

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