Monday, August 8, 2011

~Feliz Cumpleaños, Nataly~

~Nataly (Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly's oldest daughter) turned 15 on Aug. 3rd.  Kimberly made her this fun throw blanket.~
~Nataly with her flowers from her parents.  On the way over to give her the blanket we stopped and picked up a small cake to share together.~
~All of us singing, clapping, and counting for Nataly's birthday.~
~I'd never heard of this but they clapped and counted from 1-15 in Spanish (and then we did it in English).  It was fun watching Elijah do it.  He LOVED clapping and counting. =)~
~Nataly and her cake.  We had such a FUN evening with Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, Nataly, Gaby and Jimmy's parents.  They served us a yummy snack before we shared the cake.~
~In Latin America when a girl turns 15 they have what they call a "Quinceañera".  This is a very special party!  Lord willing, we are having the Quinceañera for Nataly a week from today, Aug. 15th.  When the world does one there is a lot of dancing, and drinking.  Of course Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly want this one to be a lot different.  They have asked me to be "Mistress of Ceremonies" and help decorate, and organize and direct everything.  (I could use your prayers!!)
They have asked Phillip to give a short sermon.  (Here you don't have an event without a sermon.) We are planning on playing/singing several songs.  Little Elijah, Nataly and her sister Gaby will be playing and singing too.  Sis. Farly is going to speak about the blessing of God sending Nataly into their home.  Bro. Jimmy will pray for Nataly.  There will be a dinner and a fancy cake.  Please help us pray that God will bless our efforts and use this as an example to other young people of a Holy Quinceañera.  Thank you!~


lila said...

Will be praying. I know you will do an awesome job. Would love to be there for the celebration. Looking forward to pics. So happy for the Godly example you are for those precious people. love you tons

Beth Stetler said...

Hope the Quinceanera goes great!

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